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#FanFriday – Calm Seas: A Tale From the Court of the Dead By D. A. Campisi

Calm Seas A Tale From the Court of the Dead By D. A. Campisi      The night was still, and the sea was the same. It had been the fourth consecutive day without even a gentle caress from the wind, leaving the sails of The Grace wilted and her crew stranded in a desert of lifeless… Read More

Creating a Court of the Dead Character: Gallevarbe Concept Art

Weeks, months, sometimes even years of work can go into creating a new character. For Court of the Dead heroine Gallevarbe, dozens of artists and writers contributed to bring this dynamic huntress to (after)life. As a member of the Flesh Faction, Gallevarbe is capable of transforming her body to better perform the missions assigned to… Read More

Fintastic High-End Aquarium Display Built Just for Death’s Siren

Artist Nasi Glekas designed a fin-tastic aquarium display case for Gallevarbe that explores the depths of her true beauty. Learn about the construction behind the Calypso environment, a fitting shrine to Death’s Siren!