2017 Preview Showcase

COTD 2017 Preview Showcase

As 2016 is winding down, we wanted to catch up with a few of the Court of the Dead Team members to talk about about how the Court will rise in 2017 and what fans can look ahead for in the new year.

What should fans expect to see from Court of the Dead in 2017?

Tom Gilliland, Creator of Court of the Dead – “There is quite a lot in store for my fellow mourners in 2017. The coming year will bring a steady release of the products, which we’ve been busy cultivating throughout all of 2016…The Court of the Dead 3D design team has produced a host of new masterpieces. Starting with our Premium Format™ Figures, 2017 will debut several distinctive designs of the core faction leaders; some replacing past figures that have passed on into closed edition status. We will be showcasing other new figural formats throughout the year, as well. I’m especially excited about these new projects, which are aimed at providing the Court fans with some more accessible pieces that are smaller in scale but have the same level of quality and detail that our larger-format collectibles are known for.”

Ricky Lovas, Brand Manager – “2017 is going to bring a lot of new and what should be exciting events and products for Court of the Dead. We have focused on getting our initial group of characters released over the last couple years and now we will have the chance to dive in to some new characters and revisit a couple of fan favorites. Through published material and 3D product, I think the world we have been creating will really begin to take shape this coming year. “

Scott Wade, Assistant Art Director -“We’re looking at the return of some fan favorite characters in 2017 that we’re really excited to show off.   We’ve got some new twists on a few of Court of the Dead’s notable ladies as well as something on the more monstrous side to look forward to as well.”.


How is Court of the Dead evolving?

Anna van Slee, Director of New Brands – “The Court of the Dead universe is growing every day. With every tale we pen, with each scene we paint or sculpt, new flora and fauna spring to afterlife. Characters’ histories are being woven into a vast and intricate web. Court of the Dead is reaching a point of critical mass in which we have done enough world-building that we can create an immersive brand experience. For me, the real brass ring is being at a point in the brand’s evolution in which we can invite fans in to play with us in the Underworld. “

Tom G. – “The Court of the Dead is evolving slowly and steadily. Launching our own, original property is an exciting adventure, and as the creator and creative lead, my interest was to grow at a pace that allowed us to enjoy it, as well. This past year marked the achievement of publishing the Court of the Dead universe handbook: The Chronicle of the Underworld. Beyond that, we are working on multiple publishing projects, which have taken some thought and exploration to get assembled in a manner that felt right.

I’m also an avid gamer and always saw gaming as an exciting way to interact with a storyline. We have some really cool projects developing in the gaming world… But that’s all I can say about that, for now. Stay tuned for more specific announcements in February 2017.”

What are you personally most excited about?

Scott W. – “Maybe the most exciting stuff for me is what’s going to be happening in-between [our staple figure line].  I can’t say much right now but we’re going to have a lot more varied ways to collect Court of the Dead and show your Underworld pride in the year ahead.”

Anna vS. – Stories are the vehicles that transport me to the worlds that I love, and Court of the Dead is no exception. The series of amazing publishing projects we have queued up for 2017 (and beyond!) has my head spinning with excitement.”

Tom G. – “Next year, I’m most excited to continue the quest to get our primary story trilogy of “Rise, Conquer, Rule” into publishing. I’ve been so appreciative of the support and encouragement we’ve received from our fellow mourners who’ve caught on to the anti-hero rebellion ideals that are the heart of the Court of the Dead. We’ve propagated the notion that nobility and righteousness can come from the least expected places. The fact that messaging has resonated with our audience is a reaffirming thought in an often confusing world. Court of the Dead is a very visually exciting universe, and I look forward to paying off the interest that our fellow mourners have expressed with an epic saga of sorrow and hopefulness, beauty and horror, redemption and self-determination – for now and always. “

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we reveal some of the exciting new products coming to you straight from the Underworld!