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Man VS Meeple Reviews Court of the Dead Tabletop Game

For Court of the Dead fans dying to have a deeper experience in the Underworld – your wait will soon be over! Court of the Dead licensee and game maker Project Raygun is poised to launch a Kickstarter for their tabletop game Court of the Dead: Mourners Call on April 24th. Countless hours have gone… Read More

Behind the Scenes Look: New Gallevarbe Premium Format™ Figure

Few have yet to succumb to the beauty of Death’s Siren. Gallevarbe is one of the few beings in Death’s Court that has lived a human life, having spent her time in the Mortal Realm as a spy for her country. Gallevarbe was eventually caught, and – loyal to her ideals – murdered by her… Read More

#FanFriday – Fan Translates Court of the Dead Comic into Portuguese

Fandom transcends language. Some Court of the Dead fans express their passion as art, or cosplay, or fiction. This #FanFriday we honor Bruno Moreira, a mourner from Brazil, who called upon his language skills to translate “The Rise of Death” into Portuguese! Click here to read and download a PDF of “The Rise of Death”… Read More