A new song for Death’s siren

Enchanted by the story of Death’s Siren, a fan who goes by the username shinyhuny on YouTube wrote us this haunting song for Gallevarbe. Capturing her entire tragic tale in six verses – from tortured death to murky redemption – we found it, well, irresistible.

The heavens grew dark
his weapon was red
struck by a blade
the woman was dead.

She fell to the sea
and counted for three
as Death found her soul
waiting to be free.

And free she became
a twist in her flesh
the beautyful name
Gallevarbe for Death.

Gethsemoni faithful
gave a tail very long
and a voice of an angel
singing Death’s Siren song.

Filthed by her people
the woman betrayed
a crime of the mortal
and the price will be payed.

As reaper of souls
she is reborn
with a voice of an angel
singing Death’s siren song.