The Court of the Dead

The universe is cruelly imbalanced. All of existence is mired in an endless battle between Heaven and Hell, waged for longer than anyone can remember.

The war machines of both celestial realms turn on power stolen from mortal souls. Death himself is enslaved by the singular task of harvesting the dead, yet he yearns for a more noble purpose.

Compelled by the plight of the mortals, Death creates the Court of the Dead. This unlikely council is intended to spark his rebellious ambition to set in motion a daring plan to end the war.

Facing the forces of Heaven and Hell will not be easy. Death and his allies must not only defeat those mightier, but also tame their own destructive nature.  To achieve their noble goal of peace and balance, they will have to…

Rise. Conquer. Rule.®

The Statue Collection

Friends and fellow souls,

It is with immense pleasure that we share the Court of the Dead with you.

For some time it has felt like these characters might never leave the inner confines of my own head, let alone our studio. Now they are delightfully exorcised, not only in ongoing effort of storytelling, but as part of the Court of the Dead Premium Format™ collection with fully realized works of art.

Bringing these characters into 3d reality has been a rewarding stage of development at the Sideshow Collectibles studio. Each member inhabiting the Court’s fantasy world of intrigue, deception, and war has been designed to take best advantage of the creative tools in our studio’s arsenal. From concept to production, artists on our waxworks sculpt team, in the paint shop, and costume designers have each had opportunities to bring their own flourishes to the projects as they developed. What unfolds in this new collection is one of our most genuine presentations to date, as these are truly from our imagination to you.

We look forward to sharing the seemingly dark world of the Court of the Dead with you, and hope you too will Rise, Conquer, and Rule.

– Tom Gilliland, Creative Director

Making of the Court of the Dead