Are you drawn to the Siren’s song?

“My soul feels the pull of Spirit, but my loyalty is with my Queen, so I follow her down the path of Flesh…”

Swift and cunning, Gallevarbe is a valuable ally within the Underworld. Find out where her loyalties lie amidst the three Factions of the Underworld:

Gallevarbe can navigate the turbulent oceans of energy to cross seamlessly between many realms, a trait rarely found within the Faction of Flesh. The Siren demonstrates a fierce loyalty to Queen Gethsemoni, and works tirelessly to protect her. Having lived her mortal life as a covert assassin, few doors barred are ever barred from the sly harvester of souls.

Gallevarbe’s soul was once lured towards the Faction of Spirit, which speaks to her innermost nature. And though she will always share a close kinship with those who chose the way of Spirit, her desire to remain near the Queen in the Faction of Flesh outweighs all the rest.

Queen Gethsemoni is quick to call on Gallevarbe’s ability to travel stealthily through the Underworld, sending the Siren out on missions to infiltrate the Faction of Bone, and retrieve the secrets held within the Fortress of Voxxingard. Xiall, the Chancellor of Bone, wisely distrusts Gallevarbe, and stands vigilantly watchful of her presence…

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