Court of the Dead Photo Galleries Get Hardcore

The Sideshow studio is quite the mind-boggling environment to visit. From wall-to-wall concept art in the Design Wing, to floor-to-ceiling statuary in the Development Hall, there are a staggering number of sites to take in at every turn. Yet nothing betrays a veteran Sideshow fan more than when a visitor takes note of the rosy-red apple in our Photography Department. The glossy Sideshow apple has been a staple in our product photography galleries for more than a decade. The ruby-hued fruit provides a real-world scale measurement so that fans can gauge the size of our figures.

We are pleased to announce that the Underworld recently decided to put its own spin on the quintessential Sideshow fruit yardstick. A uniquely macabre version of the classic Sideshow apple will accompany pieces from the Court of the Dead collection, starting with Death’s Ossein Unity 1:4-Scale Mask Replica.

While the Court of the Dead apple is not available for purchase as a product (at least, not for the time being), we hope you enjoy this little bit of the Land of the Dead that has slipped through The Veil to bring some added a-peel to our photos.

Check out more pictures of the Court of the Dead apple, and suggest a name for our new measurement mascot, on Court of the Dead social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.