Fintastic High-End Aquarium Display Built Just for Death’s Siren

Collaboration allows us to attain new heights in our artistic endeavors, whatever they may be. Engineer Nasi Glekas, both a skilled artisan and fan of the Court of the Dead, brought his distinctive creativity to our very own Gallevarbe: Death’s Siren Premium Format™ Figure, by engineering the Calypso Aqua Display Environment. The Calypso is a state-of-the-art display custom designed for Gallevarbe, complete with lighting and aquarium function.

Needless to say, we were blown away by his creation! So impressed, in fact, that we awarded him a Court of the Dead license. Nasi is selling an extremely limited run of the Gallevarbe Calypso Aqua Display Environment, each hand made by Nasi himself. Only 9 will exist worldwide, and Nasi and Sideshow already have two of them!

Nasi even came all the way to Sideshow HQ to install this beautiful aqua-display in our lobby, and we were able to sit down with him to talk about himself, and his sea-sational handiwork.

What do you collect?

I collect paintings, prints and statues. Most of my collection consists of quarter scale/Premium Format™ statues. I started collecting with building/painting kits.

How do you display your figures?

All my statues are spread out throughout my home; some are in display cases, and some are on pedestals. Except for Gallevarbe, she’s displayed in the Calypso.

What inspired you to make the Calypso Aqua Display Environment?

Initially, Gallevarbe inspired me to create the Calypso. The level of detail, care and thought placed into this piece is something I rarely see. I was inspired by the frequency of sophistication and grace in which the Court Of The Dead operates. The emotion and inspiration drawn from the Court reminds me of Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth.

What kind of fish do you like to keep in the Calypso?

I keep a Betta in my Calypso. However, I had a several glass catfish (transparent fish). Seeing their skeletons swim around for the first time adds an element to the display that is magical.

How long did it take you to make the Calypso Aqua Display Environment?

It took me a little over a year to design/engineer the Calypso.

What was the most challenging aspect of its construction?

To seamlessly merge it with Gallevarbe. The Calypso had to disappear and highlight Gallevarbe, while at the same time be a highlight. Another challenging aspect aside from technical points was to create an experience that would animate Gallevarbe and bring a piece of her world into mine.

What are some of the interactive features of the Calypso Aqua Display Environment?

A few features are: The ability to display Gallevarbe with the zero-edge ripple effect exposing her torso, or with the dome placed over the top for full enclosure/glow effect. The lighting via Bluetooth is another feature which highlights the sculpting and creates additional effects. Also, the ability to choose the type of fish that you would like in the scene/environment, or to display without fish.

What attracted you to the Gallevarbe Premium Format™ Figure?

I’ve always wanted a character like this to exist without actually ever having a clear picture of what she would look like. The overall design, sculpting, paint application and color choices, as well as the decisions behind how it would be assembled, is masterful.

Do you have plans or ideas to make any other unique collectible environments?

At the moment I’m working on several other creative projects, and do not currently have plans to build different environments. However, I just completed a modular display case for large-scale pieces which I’m excited about since I’ve reduced most of my collection to box dwellers.

The sold-out Gallevarbe Premium Format™ Figure is one of the Court of the Dead Collection’s most sought-after collectibles. What better way to display her, than with a custom display?  Click HERE to learn more about the Calypso Aqua Display Environment, and get to know even more about Nasi below.


My name is Nasi Glekas, and I’ve been a creative for 15 years. My experience is in industrial design, user experience, and marketing. If you can see it, you can build it, so I sharpen my ability to visualize through projects and continuously refine my strategic process to increase my freedom in the type of projects I choose. I’m always looking to involve myself in demanding, high learning curve projects that are in-line with my passion.

During the past 15 years, I have applied my ideas, designs and creative skills towards inventing specialty products, building companies and implementing a developed process to materialize the imagination. In 2016, I founded the Onisemo® Company to heavily focus on primarily doing the same in the world of design, art, entertainment and experiences.