In-Stock and Available to Order: Court of the Dead Collectibles at SDCC

The Underworld is calling… Will you answer? There’s a crypt-load of chilling Court of the Dead collectibles both in-stock and available for pre-order during SDCC this year. Unsure where to… dig in? The Sideshow staff has unearthed some insights on their favorites…

Exalted Reaper General Demithyle Legendary Scale Figure

“I think the coolest thing about Demithyle is definitely his armor and how much story and detail it has. His shoulder armor, for example, is a bunch of different depictions of skeletal warriors fighting mortals. The whole thing is like a horrific, illuminated manuscript forged out of metal.”
– Scott Wade, Associate Art Director

Malavestros: Death’s Chronicler-Fool Premium Format Figure

“The sheer amount of detail on this blows my mind. It’s incredibly ornate, expressive, and even appears to be in motion.”
– Lacee Shaw, Interactive Designer

Cleopsis: Eater of the Dead Premium Format Figure

“My favorite Court of the Dead statue is Cleopsis. I have always been interested in Egyptian mythology, and her overall aesthetic design just keeps me fascinated.”
– Daniel Campisi, Customer Service

Executus Reaper Oglavaeil Legendary Scale Bust

“I like the larger-scale re-interpretation of Oglavaeil’s head and horns. And the simple paint scheme highlights the sculpt.”
– Dave Igo, Art Director

Executus Reaper Oglavaeil Legendary Scale Bust – Graphite Edition

“I like the graphite paint job. It’s unique and different… and would look good on the hood of a car.”
– Dennis Bower, Consumer Marketing Coordinator

Xiall: The Great Osteomancer Premium Format Figure

“I like that Xiall is someone who has worked hard for everything that she has earned. She’s dedicated and willing to make the tough decisions. A true ‘Lawful Good’ character that has more to her than meets the eye. I’m looking forward to see how fans perceive her as the story moves forward.”
Rachel Roubicek, Concept Artist


Shard: Mortal Trespasser Premium Format Figure

“I gravitate towards Shard because she’s so conflicted. Reminiscent of Xena’s relationship with Ares, Shard struggles to trust Death.”
– Cassie Fuertez, Photographer

Death: Master of the Underworld Premium Format Figure

“In the Underworld, Death is known as the Alltaker. Looking at this figure’s ominous pose, with Death’s point striking the viewer to the very soul… This composition defines why the original reaper is heralded as the taker of all.”
– Anna van Slee, Brand Director

And there’s more to the Court of the Dead Collection than just its figures and busts. Don’t forget about the Court of the Dead: Chronicle of the Underworld Book, the 2017 Faction T-Shirts, and the assortment of Court of the Dead Premium Art prints. All feature incredible, original artwork from a wide range of world-famous artists.