Tomb Tunes: Meet the Team Behind the Court of the Dead and Discover a New Playlist Each Month

Every story needs a soundtrack, and the Court of the Dead is no different. Day-in and day-out, while our team builds the Underworld through character, story, figures and art, there is always music playing in the background to help us find our groove.

Depending on the time of day and whose office you are in, that music may differ. With this new on-going Tomb Tunes newsletter feature, we are inviting you into the Underworld on a monthly basis to get to know our team by way of our taste in music and how it relates to us personally. Each month, a new team member will upload a new playlist to the Court of the Dead Spotify account.

Name: Ricky Lovas
Job Title: Sr. Brand Manager
Faction: Flesh
Favorite Court Character: Cleopsis

Is there a theme to your COTD playlist?

I think the theme is me. While working on anything, Court of the Dead related or otherwise, I generally listen to a mix of rock, metal and film scores. It’s what I listen to anywhere, to be quite honest, but that’s the point. Being able to get lost in my own world helps propel creativity, and music is an avenue that lets you do that anywhere you are. The songs on this list are just a small sample of what you would hear emanating from my office if you walked down the halls at Sideshow, but are no different than what is blasting out the windows of my car or my home. All of the songs are by artists or from films that I find to be particularly inspiring, or in some cases have made a large impact on my life.

Why do these songs inspire you?

Different reasons for different songs and artists… For example, I included “Almost Human” by KISS because KISS is in large part responsible for who and how I am. I was never into comic books as a kid, but at around 13 years old I found KISS and they flipped my life upside-down. They became my version of comic book heroes. I dove into a world of rock n’ roll, grew my hair out and never looked back. Also, Gene Simmons’ life story is the epitome of Rising, Conquering and Ruling – and has always been inspiring to me. He went from the most humble of beginnings in his home country of Israel to taking over the world by the late 70s as part of KISS.

You can then take a song like “Lipstick Drawing” from the Neon Demon soundtrack (composed by Cliff Martinez). Not only does it set a great mood while working on spooky stories and grim pieces of art, but it represents a film that, to me, is one of the most visually stunning and beautiful pieces of cinema you will find. The director of the film, Nicolas Winding Refn, is also a big inspiration to me as his work polarizes audiences and critics alike. Some love it, some hate it… but he doesn’t care. He does things how he wants and in a way only he can. When once asked what he stands for, he answered: “Singularity. Unapologetic. No Compromise.” Those are words to fucking live by.

I could write an essay on how each song or artist inspires me but I think you get the point.

What’s your favorite lyric from one of these songs? Why?

That’s easy.

“You can use your illusion
Let it take you where it may”

It is from my all-time favorite song, “Locomotive” by Guns N’ Roses, who is, in my opinion, the greatest American rock band to ever be.

I’ve always loved this lyric because to me it’s about individuality and following your own path as crazy as it may seem. You just have to do things your own way and act upon your own feelings and see where that takes you. I feel it’s really important to think as an individual because at the end of the day, blind sheep will eventually fall off a cliff.