#FanFriday – Artist Wins at Bangalore and Delhi Comic Cons with Kier Cosplay

We use our clothing and accessories as a way to express our inner selves. While this is an ideal day-to-day statements, on occasion, we need something more. Cosplay is an art form capable of amplifying – or even awakening – of a side of us that we didn’t quite know we had. It becomes an… Read More

Man VS Meeple Reviews Court of the Dead Tabletop Game

For Court of the Dead fans dying to have a deeper experience in the Underworld – your wait will soon be over! Court of the Dead licensee and game maker Project Raygun is poised to launch a Kickstarter for their tabletop game Court of the Dead: Mourners Call on April 24th. Countless hours have gone… Read More

Behind the Scenes Look: New Gallevarbe Premium Format™ Figure

Few have yet to succumb to the beauty of Death’s Siren. Gallevarbe is one of the few beings in Death’s Court that has lived a human life, having spent her time in the Mortal Realm as a spy for her country. Gallevarbe was eventually caught, and – loyal to her ideals – murdered by her… Read More

#FanFriday – Fan Translates Court of the Dead Comic into Portuguese

Fandom transcends language. Some Court of the Dead fans express their passion as art, or cosplay, or fiction. This #FanFriday we honor Bruno Moreira, a mourner from Brazil, who called upon his language skills to translate “The Rise of Death” into Portuguese! Click here to read and download a PDF of “The Rise of Death”… Read More