Character Spotlight – Demithyle, the Reaper General

Sideshow once more welcomes you into the Underworld and into the Court of the Dead.  Over the next several weeks we’d like to introduce you to some of the key players that you’ll meet during your time with us here.  Knowledge has always been power, and we’ll be sure that you are exceptionally well armed.

This week, it’s time to get to know Demithyle, the Reaper General.

Demithyle’s creation was unremarkable. He was merely one soldier among many, produced through a collaboration of the faction leaders and augmented by Death’s own hand. Like his fellow Mortis Knights, Demithyle was secretly infused with a shard of the ethereal essence of Morghistus, the legendary fallen protector of the Underworld. However, despite their common genesis, Demithyle alone rose quickly through the ranks. His skill and ingenuity carried him to heights never before reached by a Knight of Mortis, winning him the title of Reaper General, first of his rank; Commander of Death’s Army; and Overseer of the collection of human souls.


“Despite my compassion for humanity, I am truly of the Underworld, and I am loyal to my homeland. Not because I was made to be, but because I believe in the rightness of what the Alltaker seeks to accomplish. All that I do, I do for the Underworld and the vision that Death has for our people. I may not always understand his purpose, but I trust that his perspective is wider then my own.” – Demithyle

The administration of the Dark Deed weighs heavily on Demithyle’s broad shoulders, but his sense of duty and the greater mission to which Death leads him has allowed him to find peace. While he fights under the banner of Bone and swears allegiance to the chancellor, Demithyle’s loyalty lies with Death and the Underworld as a whole, regardless of faction.