Character Spotlight – Longgrief

All mourners, both weak and strong, know the tragic tale of Longgrief’s song. For faithfulness is driven by the kind of might that cannot be measured by a simple fight.

Longgrief’s story starts before his life, when the Underworld was new, and without inner strife. For long ago, Death made a son. Auraghast, he was the one. And Auraghast took it on upon himself to sort mortal souls to their celestial port.
From thence Longgrief’s existence stemmed – as a multi-mouthed bard – to goad on his friend. He sang him songs of inspiration, pushing Auraghast forward with determination. And Auraghast guided souls so long that he merged with the Forge to which he was drawn.

But Longgrief feels that Auraghast is still there, and so he sings songs of both hope and despair. Through iron-clad faith, Longgrief holds to once more see his friend – and until then, he’ll sing – never stopping, no end.

Often mourners join his cries, and sing to Auraghast with beautiful sighs. Will you join his choir? Will you hear his tune? Do you have the strength to believe Auraghast lives, too?