Character Spotlight – Malavestros

Trying to describe who Malavestros is only serves to cause him to shift and redefine himself yet again. It’s time to meet who many consider to be the Underworld’s most capricious inhabitants, and the place he calls home – HushHyde.

Part-fool, part-feature, Malavestros has never lead a mortal life. Having existed in the Underworld longer than most, he is rarely taken seriously by those who make up the Court. Often times he can be found along the edges of happenings, and it can be assured that he always knows more than he is letting on.


Beyond simply scoffing at many members of the Court, Malavestros frequently serves as a guide to new mourners. In fact, at his sanctum of HushHyde one can be assured to find the largest gathering of stray souls within the Underworld.

Death himself has decreed that none may breach HushHyde without his permission, but it is unusual for outsiders to seek entry anyway.

Dare you seek to gain entry?