Character Spotlight – Wightshiv

Welcome back, dear Mourners.

Once more we’re pulling back the veil on the Underworld and being the perfect hosts we aim to be by introducing yet another member of the Court of the Dead.

Please, make the acquaintance of Wightshiv, the Dark Conqueror:

Known as Giovann while mortal, this bloodstained conquistador was a seeker of experience and connoisseur of both horror and sensation.

Court of the Dead - Wightshiv

Death himself brought Giovann to the Underworld as an example of a rare soul: a seeker of truth that hides in the darkness; a rogue with the skill and experience to best almost any situation. This along with his charisma, ambition, and unique view of reality, was a combination the Alltaker hoped would fascinate Gethsemoni, and in this he was correct. As for Giovann he acclimated to the Underworld very quickly, shocking the more stalwart members of the Faction of Flesh with his overconfidence and his volatile nature. Yet he has climbed their ranks faster than most thought possible, always followed by whispers that he is as true an embodiment of their principals as any who have ever bound themselves to this faction. Along the way, he has earned for himself the name Wightshiv, proving that his swashbuckling ways are good for more than just show. He is widely liked, and possesses a special knack for skipping over trouble that would crush a more hapless soul. He now serves in the Conclave of Shadows, but his ambitious nature promises to raise him higher still.