Disciplines - Introduction

In the dim recess of Avarkus’ mind he recalls his mortality. Sometimes in those memories he is a miser, hoarding gold and cruelly extorting pain and pleasure from those weaker than he. Yet at other times he remembers himself as a pauper – a victim always craving a life of excess forever held out of reach.

It matters not which memory is real. The hunger… the cravings to partake of the excesses of mortality is always in the tormented mind of the Red Death. And so he drifts between the realms, driven to forever seek out the those corrupted by greed and claim their souls as his own.





The faction of Spirit ever welcomes lost souls such as Avarkus. For those who have spent their mortal existence driven to perform extreme acts of violence and cruelty, the contemplative path of Spirit offers the potential for self-awareness and redemption. And though the Red Death lacks the insight to truly understand what hope might be available to him, it is still that distant promise that drives him onward in his single minded task to serve the Underworld.

Death - Lord Supreme of the Underworld


Lord Supreme of the Underworld

Though it was at Gethsemoni’s hand that Avarkus was raised, it was by Death’s design – and as such, you would think that the ever hungry being now known as the Red Death would hold the one who gave him a renewed existence in reverence. But gratitude has never been a trait of the Red Death. No, instead the Devourer of Greed often turns his thoughts to plots of paranoid revenge against his Master – for Avarkus will never see that his fate was of his own choosing, having paved his own path to the Underworld.

Oglavaeil - The Executioner


The Executioner

For most entities of the Underworld, Avarkus holds only contempt and anger, but not so when it comes to Oglavaiel the Executioner. Here, the Red Death only knows fear. The Executioner alone would see the fury and treasonous disloyalty hidden deep within Avarkus’ withered soul – if he should ever have cause to look. Fear of this is enough to keep the Red Death’s more volatile thoughts buried well under the surface when attending the functions of the Court.

Concept Art

Red Death Key Art - Jimmy Xu, Digital
Devourer of Greed Illustration - Amilcar Fong


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A wretched abomination, part mummified flesh and part tormented spirit, Sideshow Collectibles presents Avarkus, The Red Death.

Standing nearly 22″ tall, the Red Death drifts upon the celestial ether between the realms of the living and the dead. He holds a gilded mask, which represents the face of his life’s true desires, and on his back a rich and gruesome embroidered cloak imprisons the faces of those preeminent souls he has taken for Death’s designs. But perhaps most horrific of all, from the odious sack of innards that spill out of his vacuous abdomen, vengeful spirits become a celestial torch and pitchfork wielding mob to exact a wicked justice for their host.