Disciplines - Introduction

Once one of Death’s most powerful agents, the Eater of the Dead and her brood drank too greedily of souls upon the mortal plane and risked attracting the attention of Heaven and Hell. Now forever barred from the world of men, the bitter and sullen Cleopsis sits upon the council of twelve only as a courtesy, for in truth most of her power has long since been stripped of her.


Death - Lord Supreme of the Underworld


Lord Supreme of the Underworld

To be spurned by one’s maker is a cruel fate. Once, Cleopsis aspired to reach the highest levels of the Court. Instead she fell, and found herself forever in disfavor with those she admired most. Now it is her greatest torment, to forever look upon Death and know that when he looks back at her all he sees is her failure.

Oglavaeil - The Executioner


The Executioner

It would be easy for Cleopsis to hate Oglavaeil, for he has all that Cleopsis ever wanted; power, respect, authority – all without ever seeming aware of his good fortune. But it is this apparent lack of awareness that draws Cleopsis to the executioner of the Court. Where others may look upon Oglavaeil and see eternal suffering, Cleopsis sees only a mysterious power locked behind a machine-like, docile mind. A power that, if properly applied, could aid her in her quest to regain prominence within Death’s Court.

Avarkus - The Red Death


The Red Death

It is Cleopsis’ nature to crave a position of authority, yet she has been denied such power within the Court. So instead, she surrounds herself with those who skirt the shadows of the Underworld – those who for one reason or another have found themselves on the outside looking in. Chief amongst these rejected entities is Avarkus, the Red Death. Few wish to spend time in the presence of the ever-hungry eater of greed, but as for Cleopsis, her natural distaste for the Red Death is far surpassed by her desire to exert power and feel superior.

Concept Art

Cleopsis Eater of the Dead
Cleopsis Eater of the Dead
Cleopsis Eater of the Dead
Cleopsis Eater of the Dead

Cleopsis - Eater of the Dead

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“Humanity craves guidance, and will faithfully submit to anything it deems worthy of love… or of fear.”

Death sent his ambitious daughter, Cleopsis, to the Mortal Realm to live among the mortals and discover more about them. There were many paths she could have followed, but Cleopsis chose to learn about power. A greedy and ruthless strategist, Cleopsis quickly rose in influence, eventually coming to reign over a civilization so mighty that it still lives on in fables. Cleopsis’ dominion was so great that it drew the unwanted attention of Heaven and Hell. Death had to act swiftly. He put an end to Cleopsis’ rule and brought her back to the Underworld, stripped of all her power. And there she remains… waiting… reminiscing on her faded glory and nursing her untarnished ambition…