Disciplines - Introduction

The ruler and creator of the Underworld, Death is the son of Priam and Abraxiel, brought into existence as a last act of the Lords of Heaven and Hell before the creation of mankind. Though his will is absolute within his realm, Death spends a great deal of his time pursuing, studying, and experimenting with fragments of the soul energy known as etherea. While Heaven and Hell squander this energy to fuel their eternal battle, it is Death alone who recognizes the true power. It is with this knowledge that Death builds his Court and his kingdom, a kingdom that balances chaos and order, lightness and dark. A kingdom built upon the foundation of one unspoken principle – Rise. Conquer. Rule.®


Gethsemoni - Queen of the Dead


Queen of the Dead

Human nature has forever been a mystery to Death, and to explore this he created his first borne, Gethsemoni, the leader of the Faction of Flesh, and the Queen of the Dead. Despite Gethsemoni having been forged from raw etherea, she was infused with the indirect imprint of the hundreds of human souls that passed through Death’s curious fingers. By design, the Queen is perhaps one of the most human of Death’s creations, with the intention that she be best suited to understand her subjects. To ensure that she developed as a truly autonomous being, Death has regretfully been forced to distance himself from her, an act that causes Gethsemoni both pain and resentment.

Xiall - The Great Osteomancer


The Great Osteomancer

Death sought to create a being of precision, one that would respond to the chaos of the mortal world, and impose structure and order in its place. He infused Xiall with an inordinate amount of raw etherea, giving her the power of insight that rivals even his own, and making her worthy of her titles as the leader for the Faction of Bone, and the Chancellor of Osteomancy.

Kier - Valkyrie of the Dead


Valkyrie of the Dead

Kier is the daughter of Heaven that Death made his own. As he brought the lost Valkyrie into his Court, and named her leader of the Faction of Spirit, Death has forced himself to recognize that the entities in Heaven and Hell are not enemies to be purged, but instead a natural part of the balance that he so desperately craves. Unfortunately, much of this lesson has been lost on Kier herself, who burns with an unquenchable thirst for vengeance against those of Heaven that cast her out.

Concept Art

Art by Amilcar Fong
Art by Amilcar Fong
Art by Zane Yarborough
Art by Zane Yarborough

Death: Master of the Underworld

Premium Format Figure

Limited Edition: 500

Sideshow is proud to introduce Death: Master of the Underworld, an original character design from our Court of the Dead Premium Format™ figure collection.

“The light will forcefully define you. While in darkness, anything is possible.”

Death is feared in the Mortal Realm as the grim reaper of souls. While it is true that he ushers soulborn along to Heaven or Hell, that is but a mere fraction of the larger, more horrifying truth. Neither salvation nor damnation awaits mortals in Heaven and Hell. Death delivers human souls to a life of servitude in the eternal war between Heaven and Hell. Death himself struggles against his own base, destructive nature. He desires to become a Shepherd of Souls, guiding mortals to a truer spiritual balance, instead of eternal war. And so, Death, master of the Underworld, is biding his time. The Alltaker – for that is what he is known as in the land of the dead – is carefully, steadily, secretly plotting a rebellion against the fanatical Celestial Realms.

The Aspects of Death Mask

Collectible Set

Expected to ship: Feb 2019 - Apr 2019

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Ally yourself loyally to your faction, but keep awareness of the others, for in unity alone do we rise.” -Death, The Alltaker, Dark Shepherd, and Master of the Underworld

Sideshow is proud to present the Aspects of the Death 1:4 Scale Mask Set. This unique collection can be showcased on its own, or displayed as swap-out accessory masks on the Death: Master of the Underworld Premium Format™ Figure.

Death is master of the Underworld, but the Land of the Dead is divided into three factions: Bone, Flesh, and Spirit. Death seeks to encourage their diverse strengths, but also to unite their complementary powers so the Underworld can rise up to end the war between Heaven and Hell.

Designing these masks was a world-building exercise,” said Matt Molen, Sr. Concept Designer. “There is a story behind every design.” For the Aspects of Death Mask Set, Molen explained that he worked with Court of the Dead creator Tom Gilliland to evolve initial designs created by Zane Yarborough to have a more potent factional prerogative. “I thought about Death, and how he’d interact with each of the factions leaders while wearing the mask celebrating their faction.

I love that each mask has its own individual personality,” said Project Manager Jesse Lincoln. “Sculptor Jeff Yagher really brought a lot of detail and nuance to each one.” Lincoln worked closely with Yagher to maintain the story-driven theme to each mask. “The Bone Faction mask, Echo of Five Nails, has all this great pitting and weathered texture throughout. The Flesh Faction mask, Chorus of Souls, has these amazing figures along its crest. If you look closely, you can see there are both skull-headed and hooded figures creeping around the rest of the characters. And the Spirit Faction mask, Transcending Vision, has little ghosts and spirits swirling around in the clear blue face plate of the mask itself.

Sideshow Painter Chie Izuma worked with Paint Lead Kat Sapene to bring new hues and techniques to this uncommon addition to the Court of the Dead Collection. “We used lots of unique layering on the Bone Faction mask,” Izuma explains. “Starting with a warm gray base, I used lots of cool purple overwashes to give the piece an organic look.

Painting the sculpted fabric hoods was an exceptional challenge, Sapene added. “We used multiple sponging techniques to feature the great surface texture, but also create differentiation – worn black leather for one mask, and a traditional warm brown for the other.

The Aspects of the Death 1:4 Scale Mask Set is an especially accessible collection, boasting all the careful attention to ornate detail of our Premium Format™ pieces in a size that is easily displayed on a desktop! Feature this set on its own, or change up the look of your Death: Master of the Underworld Premium Format™ Figure by swapping out his mask with one of these!