Disciplines - Introduction

While there are many great powers within the Underworld, few of the Court are as respected or beloved by the populace as Demithyle, Reaper General and leader of the armies of Death. In the earliest days of Death’s realm, when the Underworld’s borders were less well defined, Demithyle stepped forward and single-handedly defeated the legions of mindless predators that thrived within the Fringe. This victory was the first step in the expansion of the Underworld, a move that has allowed the once crowded and overpopulated city to truly thrive.


Death - Lord Supreme of the Underworld


Lord Supreme of the Underworld

It is to Death that Demithyle has entrusted everything – His strength. His soldiers. Even his very existence. For the old general believes with all his being that Death’s infallible grand design is one that all the court must serve. And while some may mock the general’s loyalty to his creator, they do so with great care. For though the general is patient to a fault when it comes to those that may deride his own self, his temper is quick to lash out at those who would insult his faith. For to insult his faith in Death is akin to insulting death himself – and that is something Demithyle finds wholly unacceptable.

Xiall - The Great Osteomancer


The Great Osteomancer

Xiall’s narrow approach and singular vision for both the Faction of Bone and the future of the Underworld never appealed to the Reaper General. However, the general very much believes in Death’s plan, and it is Death who allowed Xiall to rise to the rank of Chancellor of Bone. It is only for Death’s sake that Xiall holds Demithyle’s loyalty, and it is not always an easy path for the general to follow. For as much as he believes in the structure and purpose of Bone, the single-minded zealotry of the Chancellor leaves much to be desired.

Mortighull - Reaper Captain


Reaper Captain

From the beginning, Demithyle has viewed the younger Reaper Captain as both a child and an insubordinate. It is not a relationship without some care or compassion, but first and foremost it is a relationship borne out of necessity. The Reaper General is all too aware that Mortighull must be made ready for the inevitable day when his voice can no longer guide him. But what Demithyle never expected from his young heir was either free will or a fresh perspective; Mortighull has provided both.

Concept Art

Art by Santiago Caruso
Art by Sukhbir Purewal

Exalted Reaper General

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