Disciplines - Introduction

In her former life, Gallevarbe was an assassin who used seduction as an instrument of execution. Remade by Death as a reaper of souls, Gallevarbe swims the vast oceans of thought and imagination that separate the realms of Heaven and Hell, always hunting for the lost spirits who dared attempt escape the long grasp of her new Master.



Death - Lord Supreme of the Underworld


Lord Supreme of the Underworld

In Gallevarbe’s mortal life, she was fiercely loyal to those she swore her allegiance and faith to. This trait continues to holds true now that she has been transformed into the dark siren of the Underworld. Above all, Gallevarbe reveres Death for granting her a new existence.

Gethsemoni - Queen of the Dead


Queen of the Dead

While it was Death who invited Gallevarbe to the Underworld, it was Queen Gethsemoni’s hand that reshaped the dark siren into her current form – taking great care as she did so to create Gallevarbe into something that truly reflected the vast potential burning within her soul. It was time well spent, and Gallevarbe has proven herself time and time again to her grateful Queen as a loyal spy, and with gifts of trinkets and tokens collected on her travels through the many realms.




Gallevarbe possesses the unique ability to navigate the turbulent oceans of energy that surround the Underworld – a trait rarely found within the Faction of Flesh. Consequently, few paths are barred from this harvester of souls. This is a skill that Queen Gethsemoni is quick to call on, sending Gallevarbe on missions to infiltrate the Fortress of Voxxingard and uncover the secret plots of the Faction of Bone.

Concept Art

Gallevarbe: Eyes of the Queen

Premium Format™ Figure

Limited Edition: 500
Expected to ship: Feb 2019 - Apr 2019

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“I have seen terrifying wonders. Beings whose entire endless existence is a ferocious parody of mortal secrets they have glimpsed through the veils. All that I see, all these precious visions I collect, belong to the Queen of the Dead.”

Sideshow is proud to present the Gallevarbe: Eyes of the Queen Premium Format™ Figure, the latest addition to our original Court of the Dead collection.

Your eyes do not deceive you if this savage beauty looks familiar… As a Flesh faction stalwart and a personal favorite of Queen Gethsemoni, Gallevarbe’s malleable form proves to be highly advantageous for this ruthless spy-assassin.

“What’s really important about this version is that we are showing her in a ‘naga’ or snake-like form. The idea behind her character was always that she can shape-shift and turn herself into a plethora of entities,” said Ricky Lovas, Sr. Brand Manager. “Being introduced as the ‘Death’s Siren’, many assumed that was the sole essence of her character, but it’s not and never was intended to be. She’s a spy for the Queen, and therefore needs to be able to adapt to her environment and mission as needed. This iteration of Gallevarbe is just showing another one of her endless possibilities for transformations.”

Gallevarbe’s smooth aqua-green flesh is dappled with scales, expertly-crafted by Master Sculptor Mark Newman. Perched on an Underworld ruin downwind from her quarry, Gallevarbe’s dark hair flows in the breeze and her lethal bone-forged blades are at the ready. “Every element of this figure is charged with dynamic action,” said Anna Van Slee, Brand Director. “From the swaying tassels on her bodice to the delightful ripple of her hair in the wind. Every detail tells the story of the Gallevarbe winding up this crumbling rock and twisting around to strike at her target.”

“My favorite detail of this figure is the unique and intricate tail,” added Van Slee. “The appendages coming off the tail to grip the base are an artful mix of creature anatomies that blend to create something uniquely creepy.”

Who needs knives when you’ve got claws? Unleash the raw, unhindered wrath of Gallevarbe with her Exclusive Edition “Touch of Death” swap-out hand, featuring deadly finger adornments.

If you’re about to be obliterated, there are much worse visions to have as your last than the Gallevarbe: Eyes of the Queen Premium Format™ Figure! Transform your Court of the Dead collection with this deadly assassin on display.