Disciplines - Introduction

Born the vestigial twin to a Valkyrie of Heaven, Kier was broken and incomplete, an abomination in the eyes of the Heavenly Host. And so she was cast into the void between realms to wither and die. This is where Death found her, and within her pitiful form saw a reflection of what he once had been – A helpless and lost child unwanted by both the powers of Heaven and of Hell.

And so, for the first time in many an age, Death raised a new creation by his own hand – a loyal daughter who would stand at his side. She became the Valkyrie of the Dead, a warrior who serves the Court of the Dead by scavenging the unwanted souls broken by the battlefield and giving them a new purpose – a chance at redemption within the ranks of Death’s secret army.


Death - Lord Supreme of the Underworld


Lord Supreme of the Underworld

When Kier was cast out of Heaven to wither and die, and all that she had been was stripped away, it was Death that gave the Valkyrie new purpose. As such, Kier is fiercely loyal, yet desperate to prove herself to her father, the Lord of the Underworld, and show that his faith in her was not unfounded. But where the Valkyrie struggles most is within her Faction. While most find their path through nature and instinct, Kier’s role as the leader of the Spirit Faction was chosen for her by her father – and it is not one best suited to her quest for vengeance.

Gethsemoni - Queen of the Dead


Queen of the Dead

Privilege. Arrogance. These are the traits that Kier sees when she looks upon the Queen of the Dead – a creature borne to power who has never known true suffering, who has never known struggle. This contempt overshadows all else, and consequently Kier is unable to perceive those rare moments when her step-mother acts in a capacity that serves the Valkyrie’s best interests. It is unfortunate, though perhaps for the best. For though Gethsemoni has used her influence to shield Kier from some of the darker elements of court intrigue, it is often the Queen’s own machinations that serve to cause Kier the most difficulty.

Mortighull - Reaper Captain


Reaper Captain

It is a rare thing within the Court of the Dead to find kindness and compassion, particularly from one who has aligned with a different Faction. Yet such is the relationship between Kier, leader of the faction of Spirit, and Mortighull, the Reaper Captain from the faction of Bone. For within Mortighull, Kier has discovered a kindred spirit – a being who understands what it is like to fight for a place of belonging.

Concept Art

Kier: Death’s Warbringer

Premium Format™ Figure

Limited Edition: 500
Expected to ship: Dec 2018 - Feb 2019

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“I’d rather meet my last rattle than be reunited with the Heavenly Host.”

Angels of Heaven beware- everyone’s favorite revenge-fueled warrior is back! Sideshow is proud to introduce the Kier: Death’s Warbringer Premium Format Figure. This new version of Court of the Dead fan-favorite Kier features more armor, more muscles, more rage… and, of course, the heads of her vanquished foes.

The Kier polyresin statue is over 21″ of pure aggression, from the bottom of her battle-damaged base to the tips of her bloody knuckles. From every angle, this highly-detailed collectible packs an epic story-telling punch. “It’s nice to present Kier in a moment of rage and vengeance,” said Ricky Lovas, Sr. Brand Manager. “Most of our Court of the Dead collectibles thus far have been more museum-like poses, but now that we are getting into second versions of some of the key characters, we can show a little more of their personalities and emotions. The severed angel head is a nice nod to her origin, as well.

Kier is the adopted daughter of Death. She is an angel, born in Heaven, but rejected for her imperfections. Left to perish, Death rescued Kier and nursed her back to health, forever earning her loyalty and affection. Kier now fights both Heaven and Hell as First Sword of the Underworld.

The Collector’s version of Kier includes an incredibly deluxe special feature: a magnetic mask with its own stand, known as the Valkyrie’s True Face. You have cool little display for her mask if she chooses not to wear it,” said Jesse Lincoln, Project Manager. “This standalone piece really shows off the glory of her mask. It’s a nice little curio for your cabinet.”

Death’s Warbringer features new, more ferocious armor and custom fabrics that compliment her action-packed sculpt. “Kier’s back is exposed in this new version because we wanted to highlight her wings, or where they would have been, to show that no matter what, she is an angel herself,” said Designer Rachel Roubicek.

For this version of Kier, we get to show the grittier, warrior side of her,” added Tim Hanson, Cut & Sew. “Her fully-posable skirts have been weathered and shredded to reflect that battle-worn awesomeness.”

Although angels may be her preferred prey, Kier fights both angels and demons on behalf of the beleaguered Underworld. The Exclusive version of the Kier: Death’s Warbringer Premium Format Figure comes with Severed Chaos in the form of a grisly severed demon head, which can be swapped out with the angel head. Kier abides by the ancient wisdom: Two heads are better than one!

With its ornate story-telling elements and multiple customization features, the Kier: Death’s Warbringer Premium Format Figure is a fierce addition – or start – to any Court of the Dead collection.