Disciplines - Introduction

Raised among a younger, more ambitious generation of reapers, Captain Mortighull would prefer to see the Underworld take a more aggressive approach in harvesting soul etherea. This desire does not stem from a wish to rule or dominate, but from a need to impose order where one sees only chaos. In order to do so, some might advise culling the sinister and violent elements of humanity, or becoming involved more directly in the wars of the mortal realm. And yet Mortighull believes that the majority of souls collected in war are the least deserving of their fate, an injustice that does not sit well with him.


Demithyle - Exalted Reaper General


Exalted Reaper General

Created during a time of peace, Mortighull bristles to lead Death’s armies into battle, and yet the young captain finds himself under the direct command of General Demithyle. Most would consider this post an honor, but to Mortighull it is a prison, in which he must endure endless attempts from the ancient General to reshape his youthful perspectives and ambition.




Many who belong to the Faction of Bone assume their strength stems from an unyielding resolve, yet Mortighull recognizes there is true power within structure and support. Secretly, the reaper believes that this is the way in which Bone can ultimately lead – by serving as the infrastructure of the Underworld, an established order which can guide all others according to the nature of their own faction. It is a dangerous way of thinking; borderline rebellious for one who answers to the Osteomancers. So for now, the young captain keeps these radical notions to himself, and instead works diligently to prove himself worthy of his appointed role.

Xiall - The Great Osteomancer


The Great Osteomancer

Mortighull serves Xiall with a sense of loyalty and duty, as is considered both just and proper when regarding the Chancellor’s station. However, Xiall’s dogmatic adherence to order engenders little genuine respect from Mortighull, for unlike so many others in his faction, the young warrior does not equate obedience with servitude. This curious disdain is most unusual for a high ranking member of the Faction of Bone.

Concept Art

Mortighull: Risen Reaper General

Premium Format™ Figure

Limited Edition: 500
Expected to ship: Oct 2018 - Dec 2018

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I am torn between the Underworld’s stalwart purpose and a desire to destroy. May the morrow come when I am freed from this sadistic paradox. Until then, I am the risen Reaper General Mortighull, a soldier of cruel purpose.”
– Mortighull

Sideshow is proud to present Mortighull: The Risen Reaper General Premium Format™Figure, a terrifying new addition to our original Court of the Dead collection…

The Reaper General Mortighull is far from a mirror image of his mentor, the resolute Demithyle. Mortighull is torn between his obligation to end the great celestial war… and tempted by darker urges. An Underworld champion conceived for a noble scheme, yet hammered by its cruel purpose, he revels in the thrill of combat but struggles with his compassion for the mortal souls that are unwillingly drawn into the Celestial war. Mortighull walks the knife’s edge of a warrior who must bring about peace through destruction.

Standing over 26.5″ tall, the Risen Reaper General is an imposing and impressive figure. His ornate armor is delicately painted to look beautifully aged and weathered, with the green patina of an ancient relic.

“From the bottom of the base to the tip of his sword: The level of detail is insane,” said project manager Jesse Lincoln. “This figure has been in development for a long time, so I have been working on him for years… and I am still noticing new elements in his armor.”

Master sculptor Martin Canale brought Mortigull to (after)life. “The key challenge to Mortighull’s design was to differentiate his armor from that of the Demithyle’s, with its more classical ornamentation,” Martin said. “I had the opportunity to really dig into all the concept work from the amazing designer Amilcar Fong, which was of course influenced by the great brain of Tom Gilliland. It was a real dream team.”

The Sideshow Exclusive Version of Mortighull features the Veil of Mortality: A decorative combat mask chosen to honor the mortals who Mortighull is tasked with collecting. It serves as a physical manifestation of the Reaper’s internal struggle as he strives to transcend his darker nature. The exclusive mask comes with its own ornate display stand.