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Death worked carefully when crafting his Court executioner, one who would not have a predilection towards acts of violence. No…instead, Death crafted the gentlest spirit he could, one with an innate sense of justice. And of all of Death’s court, it is Oglavaeil who holds the most power – a power that could tear the Underworld apart if the executioner was ever given provocation.



Death - Lord Supreme of the Underworld


Lord Supreme of the Underworld

If Oglavaeil, borne of Spirit, could articulate just one question to his maker, it would be, “Why?” But, despite the crushing weight of his burdens, he also must assume it is a far greater one that rests upon the shoulders of the Lord of the Underworld. So instead of feeling pain, or outrage, or resentment, for being created to fill such an arduous role, Oglavaeil’s pity is saved for Death. A pity that the court executioner will never find the words to express.

Court of the Dead

Court of the Dead

Most beings in the Underworld believe that Oglavaeil serves the Court, but this is a partial misconception. Oglavaeil was created for one purpose only: to serve the laws of Death – and the endless political intrigues within the Court often cross the boundaries of these laws. It is a growing source of discontent for the executioner, one that he fears may some day push him to act. Still, it is not a path Oglavaeil would choose lightly, for intervention with the power structure of the Underworld could easily cause more chaos than order.

Kier - Valkyrie of the Dead


Valkyrie of the Dead

There are few within the Court that Oglavaeil admires as much as Kier. There is a pain and emptiness within the leader of the Faction of Spirit that he finds comfortably familiar, and Kier’s thirst for justice strikes a resonant chord with the executioner. Although, it is with great sadness, he accepts that the fallen Valkyrie will most likely be consumed by her useless quest for vengeance.

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