Disciplines - Introduction

The power behind the Faction of Bone is Xiall, the Chancellor of Osteomancy, who cares little for the delicate game that Death plays within the Court of the Dead. In fact, she finds much of the Court a contemptible exercise in excess. But it is neither ego nor arrogance that drives the cold and calculating Xiall. No, it is purely logic. Every move Chancellor makes is part of a deeper plan – but a deeper plan conceived by whom?





For Xiall, there is only the way of Bone. No compromise, no partnerships – for the Chancellor is certain that only the strict adherence to the philosophies of Bone can lead the Underworld in its endeavors to shatter the oppressive yoke of the Heavens and Hells. Any detour from her path is one that compromises the purpose of the Underworld, and is to be immediately dismissed. But Xiall is no fool. She is well aware that a facade of cooperation and consideration will gain more advantage than one that reflects the reality of her beliefs. This is the truth behind her outward appearance, which she has shaped into both a disguise, and mockery, of those she holds in low esteem.

Gethsemoni - Queen of the Dead


Queen of the Dead

To Xiall, it is an absurd joke that one so foolish and mentally unkempt as Gethsemoni holds a station of power – especially one that rises above her own. For while Gethsemoni and Xiall each lead their respective factions, Gethsemoni holds the trump card as the Queen of the Underworld. This is not only a silent insult to Xiall, but a sign of impending doom, for it is abundantly clear to the Chancellor of Bone that the Queen can never be trusted with something as vital as the future of the Underworld.

Death - Lord Supreme of the Underworld


Lord Supreme of the Underworld

Burning with a desire to see Death’s master plan both perfected and acted upon, Xiall’s mind endlessly calculates every probability of what might occur when the war between the Underworld and the celestial forces of Heaven and Hell begins. It is during these calculations that she falters, for she has seen potential errors, and, as Death is infallible, assumes the failures must be her own. So she pushes herself and the faction harder, knowing that if she can attain the perfect level of purity, Bone will deliver the answers.

Concept Art