Accompany Death’s curator on a fantastic journey to unravel the most terrible and wonderful secrets found within the Underworld. Featuring 200 pages of exquisite never-before-seen concept art and original illustrations, this stunning full-color visual compendium is the ultimate introduction to the Court of the Dead, and lays the foundation for stories to come.

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You will be encountering a diverse collection of characters on your journey through the Underworld, from the highest order of the Council of Bone to the lowest of scavengers. Each member of the Court brings balance and discordance and balances the Underworld.


From the flourishing Capital of Illverness to the outermost thresholds of the Veil, explore landmark locations where you will meet the diverse denizens of the Underworld, from the grand champions of Death’s armies to the humble curators, diligent ministers and sinister spies.


Become versed in the many disciplines and hierarchy of Death’s army. From the Highest ranking officers to the untested and hungry warriors, learn why they have been summoned to fight in this unending celestial war.


From perfect balance to a divided chaos, The Rise of Death divulges the celestial origins of the Alltaker.