October 7, 2019

Character Spotlight – Longgrief

All mourners, both weak and strong, know the tragic tale of Longgrief’s song. For faithfulness is driven by the kind of might that cannot be measured by a simple fight. Longgrief’s story starts before his life, when the Underworld was new, and without inner strife. For long ago, Death made a son. Auraghast, he was… Read More

September 30, 2019

An Interview with 3 Mischievous Masqueraders from SDCC 2019!

The true magic of San Diego Comic Con lies not in the robust display of fabulous product, but rather in the intrepid hearts of the attendees. There is truly no better experience than the camaraderie that comes with fandoms, a feeling the mourners of the Court of the Dead are no stranger to! This year… Read More

September 6, 2019

Epic of the Etheriasti: Scott Murphy

Poxxil scavenges the Mortal Realm to find the slightest remnants of ethereal energy, be it from tears or from long-dead warriors, all to feed his ever-growing thirst for power. Few things capture the nature of Poxxil better than the painting “Poxxil the Scourge.” A painting is worth a thousand words, and so we bring to… Read More