Chronicle of the Underworld Book Coming Soon

July 10, 2015

Those who dare to read The Chronicle will unlock Death’s disturbing truth

It is with immense pleasure that we announce an epic new addition to the Court of the Dead with The Chronicle of the Underworld Book, coming soon from Sideshow Collectibles and Insight Editions.

“Encompassing more than three years of storytelling in the making, this book has been a true labor of love from the team,” says Court creator Tom Gilliland. “There was a tremendous orchestra of talent that participated in bringing the eclectic and diverse aspects of the Underworld we are envisioning to light, and definitely something for every flavor of dark taste, from the wickedly beatific to the unnervingly horrific. The art throughout the book reflects a variety of styles, to represent the universal feel the world encompasses. We can’t wait to unveil it.”

Accompany Death’s curator on a fantastic journey to unravel the most terrible and wonderful secrets found within the Underworld. Starting from the very beginning, dive into the rich history of the realm and discover the origins of Death, the events that lead to the creation of the Court of the Dead, and the rise of the Factions.

Explore the landmark locations from the flourishing Capital of Illverness to the outermost thresholds of the Veil, where you will meet the diverse denizens of the Underworld, from the grand champions of Death’s armies to the humble curators, diligent ministers and sinister spies.

Featuring 200 pages of exquisite never-before-seen concept art and original illustrations, this stunning full-color visual compendium will be the ultimate introduction to the Court of the Dead, and lay the foundation for stories to come.

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