Court of the Dead Mourners Call Game Update- November 2018

Fair tidings, Mourners! Project Raygun has provided behind-the-scenes updates on the production work behind Court of the Dead: Mourners Call.

Project Raygun has been working with the game manufacturer to improve the game’s miniatures, after careful review and consideration of the production samples. Currently, the factory is working to polish the molds for the majority of the figures to help enhance the detail, in order to bring characters like Kier, Demithyle, and the loyal Underworld guilds to their full ethereal glory.

These improvements will take some time to ensure that backers are getting a game that honors Death’s noble cause and immerses you in the detailed world of Court of the Dead. The hope is that there will be updated samples to review within a few weeks, and the team is grateful for your continued patience and enthusiasm.

Once the updated miniatures are reviewed and approved, the vendor will be able to create and assemble a full pre-production sample of the game. This is expected to be ready in early December, and Project Raygun is planning an exciting live unboxing at Sideshow so that all eager mourners can take the first glimpse of the final product!

That, dear mourners, will also be the final step before the game rolls into full and final production. The vendor has agreed to take photos and videos of the production process, which will give Kickstarter backers a chance to see some awesome “how it’s made” content in future updates.

Although these adjustments to the miniatures will slightly rearrange the production timeline, Project Raygun still hopes to have the completed games leave the factory very late in December- more precise shipping times for different regions will be determined once production has started.

The Project Raygun team has also provided an update on the box interiors, with adjustments to the card trays. With this update, sleeved game cards will fit in the box tray, and cards will be easier to retrieve via slots on the side to reach below the cards. The final trays will be black with clear lids.  (See the card tray slots in action in the video below.)

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Getting eager to join Death’s righteous rebellion? Check out these latest update images from Project Raygun, and begin preparing your plans to Rise, Conquer, Rule.

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