Court of the Dead: Mourners Call Kickstarter by Project Raygun Funded in 5 hours and First 5 Stretch Goals Shattered!

April 24th was a full day of nail-biting, cheering, livestreaming, and sheer delight as the Kickstarter for Court of the Dead: Mourners Call by Project Raygun launched just after 9:00 AM PST. Everyone at both Sideshow Headquarters and Project Raygun Headquarters was on the edge of their seat, watching the funding ticker rise up up and up!

Throughout the day, we did several livestreams with Pat Marino, board game designer from Project Raygun, Tom Gilliland, the creator of Court of the Dead, and Anna Van Slee, director of new brands at Sideshow.

A 48 Hour Quest was on the line. If the funding goal of $75,000 was met within the first two days, all Unity Tokens within the game would be upgraded from chipboard to METAL as a Kickstarter Exclusive. Everyone was eager to meet this goal, as who can resist a pile of metal tokens clinking delightfully in their palms?

Mourners around the world did not disappoint. They came in droves to support the rebellion against the celestials. One by one, they pitched in, united, and utterly SMASHED the 75k goal in five hours! We even caught the historic moment on one of the livestreams! Check out the video below at the 11:35 mark to see everyone’s reactions.

As the day went on, we also talked about who are mourners, the Mourner Cards, and what they do.

For the last livestream of the day, went over some early stretch goals, and teased some yet-to-be-revealed future additions to the game.

Bit by bit, pledge by pledge, stretch goals were unlocked!

One fantastic feature of this Kickstarter campaign is that the game is all-inclusive. When you pledge your $90 for a copy of the game, you are getting ALL the unlocked stretch goals. No add-ons, no upping your pledge to get newly unveiled additions. No, when you pledge your $90 (+ Shipping), you’re getting EVERYTHING in your game.

As of the writing of this blog post, the campaign is at 153k! The campaign is less than 7k away from the KS Exclusive Metal Skull Trackers.

This graphic shows all currently reached and unveiled stretch goals:

Court of the Dead: Mourners Call has the potential to improve even more. Pledging to the Kickstarter ensures you get all the Kickstarter Exclusive metal pieces too. Again, backing the game on KS means you get ALL unlocked stretch goals. No upgrades here! It’s all included in your $90 pledge.

Keep an eye on the social media channels of Project Raygun, Court of the Dead, and Sideshow for the latest updates. And of course, if you’re ready to join the rebellion in the Underworld, back Mourners Call on Kickstarter HERE.