Court of the Dead Partners with Famous Monsters for All New T-Shirt Collection!

Famous Monsters of Filmland, the world’s longest-running horror genre entertainment brand, has partnered with Court of the Dead to bring an all new line of Famous Monsters x Court of the Dead T-shirts to life (or, shall we say, death).

The Court of the Dead is thrilled to partner with this iconic brand! Famous Monsters consists of three yearly publications, a comic book publishing division, a web store based on the classic magazine’s back catalog, a YouTube Channel featuring horror coverage and DIY tutorials, a pop culture podcast, and live events for fans of all things horror!

The gothic cast of characters from the Court of the Dead boasts a grand scope of necromantic personas. As Famous Monsters has said, “It’s all skull and scythe and mist and bone, rich colors and majesty, imagery like the decor of a Victorian dungeon.”

As for the T-shirts themselves, Famous Monsters says, “We believe the collection combines the eerie, necromantic appeal of Court of the Dead’s fascinating characters with FM’s creepy retro sensibility, creating an aesthetic that is both gothic and iconic enough to hold its own beside Frankenstein and the Wolf Man.”

This isn’t the first time the Court and Famous Monsters have partnered. Over the years, the brands have joined forces for co-branded giveaways, avidly supporting each other’s work. While various Sideshow statues grace the lobby at Famous Monsters, Sideshow employees proudly don Famous Monsters clothing.

“Sideshow is thrilled to collaborate with Famous Monsters to create a Court of the Dead collection,” says Brand Director Anna van Slee. “I can’t wait to see how they translate the Court of the Dead characters into their iconic brand treatment.”

The first installment of this thrilling collaboration launches TODAY, November 15! Check out the Famous Monsters Court of the Dead collection, featuring sweatshirts and T-shirts emblazoned with the grim faces of Kier, Xiall, and Demithyle, and stay tuned for more!

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