Creating a Court of the Dead Character: Gallevarbe Concept Art

Weeks, months, sometimes even years of work can go into creating a new character. For Court of the Dead heroine Gallevarbe, dozens of artists and writers contributed to bring this dynamic huntress to (after)life.

As a member of the Flesh Faction, Gallevarbe is capable of transforming her body to better perform the missions assigned to her by both the Alltaker and Queen Gethsemoni. In the world of collecting, this also allows for vastly different expressions of her in statue form.

Early design of the character, which eventually led to the Gallevarbe: Death’s Siren Premium Format™ Figure, explored Gallevarbe’s merdmaid/sea serpent form. Driven by artists Mark Newman and Ivan Koritarev, the vision for Gallevarbe went through several variations of a sea-faring predator before we settled on the one we all know today.

But Gallevarbe was never meant to be bound by the sea. Flesh faction spies and assassins like Gallevarbe are able to manipulate their physical form to pursue their prey – wherever they may roam. For one of Gallevarbe’s terrestrial versions, our design team was inspired by the “naga,” a serpent demi-god from Buddhist and Hindu mythologies. Sideshow designer Rachel Roubicek was the primary artist for this vision of Gallevarbe, with some color studies from Ivan Koritarev. That design eventually became the Gallevarbe: Eyes of the Queen Premium Format™ Figure. Of course, sculptor Mark Newman and painter Kat Sapene brought their own unique touches to this evolution of the character as it evolved, too.

Countless hours go into the the creation of a new character, and that process is one with no ending. We continue to develop our dynamic Court of the Dead cast throughout their many adventures. A challenge especially unique to a shape-shifter like Gallevarbe is to maintain the character’s recognizability throughout her many iterations. If you would like to learn more about how Sideshow Master Painter Kat Sapene tackled that challenge, check out this livestream video.

Countless souls collaborated to create this depiction of Gallevarbe, and after more than two years of development, she is finally available for pre-order! This deadly, serpentine assassin is a terrifying and beautiful addition to any Court of the Dead collection.

If you would like to add Gallevarbe: Eyes of the Queen to your crypt of collectibles, click HERE. For more Court of the Dead artifacts, click HERE.