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The Factions of the Underworld

Allegiance takes many forms within the diverse world of the Dead. Friendships, affairs, colleagues. It is a world driven by both passion and logic, by loyalty and betrayal. And as such, there are no limitations on what might bring two of Death’s people together. But though these bonds forged may run deep, there is something greater. A way of thought that defines each soul, and in turn reshapes them as they join their new order. Bone. Spirit. Flesh. These are the Factions of the Underworld, and together they form the balance that Death seeks to bring to all things.


Disciplines - Bone

There is nothing more pure than the path of Bone, for Bone is structure. Bone is order. Bone is truth. It is the ultimate expression of conviction, and those that devote themselves to its studies know that they are the true Children of Death, an order of being uncompromisable by the weaknesses of desire or indecision. At the heart of the faction of Bone is the Council of Osteomancy, an organization comprised of the scholars, inquisitors, and adjudicators of the realm. And though these powerful beings may seem cruel to those they single out for investigation, it is important to remember that the Council acts only in the best interests of the Underworld and its laws.


Disciplines - Flesh

Those who are drawn to the faction of Flesh are not renowned for their patience. The followers of Flesh are driven to move quickly and forcibly against any problem in an effort to find a solution. And if a solution is not immediately present? Flesh changes. Flesh adapts. The disciples of this order will cast aside beliefs and ideals that prove themselves no longer practical, in favor of a more progressive course. For the followers of Flesh, there is only now.


Disciplines - Spirit

To those that follow the faction of Spirit, there are no boundaries between the realms; no barriers between Heaven, Hell and the mortal plane –only wherever and whenever the mercurial mind of the spirit needs to be. It is a dangerous path to follow, for it is far too easy to lose oneself inside the vast oceans of untempered reality that surround the Underworld. Due to the seemingly disorganized nature of Spirit, most in the Court underestimate the true reach of the faction. In truth, the greater balance of disciples follow the path of Spirit, as opposed to the austere faction of Bone or the ever-shifting way of Flesh.


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