#FanFriday – Fan Translates Court of the Dead Comic into Portuguese

Fandom transcends language. Some Court of the Dead fans express their passion as art, or cosplay, or fiction. This #FanFriday we honor Bruno Moreira, a mourner from Brazil, who called upon his language skills to translate “The Rise of Death” into Portuguese!

Click here to read and download a PDF of “The Rise of Death” in Portuguese: “A Ascenção da Morte.”

We corresponded with Bruno to learn more about this talented linguist, and what inspired him to translate the Court of the Dead into his native tongue:

What attracted you to the Court of the Dead?

Initially, it was the statues. I was once looking for random Sideshow products in the “Mercado Livre,” a website similar to eBay in Brazil, when I saw a statue of Kier – The Valkyrie of Death. I tried to inform myself about it because I had never seen something so beautiful, and at the same time, so intriguing. And that’s when I immersed myself in this universe, and every day I’ve been trying to find out more. I’m currently reading and translating Court of the Dead: The Chronicle of the Underworld.

Do you have a favorite Court of the Dead character or story?

Yes, Kier attracted me to this universe, and when I read her story I was fascinated by her. She is my favorite character. I believe that what she calls revenge could also be called justice against those who claimed to be her family. They simply discarded her and I feel that it will play a much larger role than she imagines in the Court of the Dead.

Where can people find you online?

Bruno_Collectors on Instagram, Bruno.Moreira.3517 on Facebook, and Moreirabmn on Twitter!

Follow Bruno for more Court of the Dead goodness, and of course, more Portuguese translations!

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