#FanFriday: Mourner Nick Orfandis Creates Custom Kier Mask

The Underworld manifests in the mortal plane through many art forms, and as those manifestations capture the attention of the inquisitive soulborn who walk the earth, some begin to conjure their own symbols of celestial rebellion. This #FanFriday we are featuring Nick Orfanidis, who makes props from his favorite characters. It seems Kier has made his list, as Nick has created a life-size replica of Kier’s mask from scratch. We got in touch with Nick and asked him a couple of questions about the mask, and what his process was like to bring this intimidating symbol of vengeance to life.

What inspired you to make Kier’s mask?

One day, as I was looking at your character, sketches, etc. online, suddenly,  the inspiration came to me. Making props of my favorite characters is my hobby, although I only have a small amount of time for it.

Is Kier your favorite character?

Kier is one of my favorite characters, but honestly, I like them all – and the whole concept!

From sketching the idea to the final product, how long did it take to make this?

The creation of the mask took me 4 days (including the hardening time of the resin).

What was your process?

So, I started by making the general shape on cardboard. After I cut the shape out (also making sure it fit my face), I started to fill it with aluminum foil to give a 3d feel. After that, I used clay to make the general shape and the details. For the horns, I used styrofoam as a base, and after I carved it, I followed the same procedure with the clay. After I was happy with the result, I painted the whole mask with polyester resin, so that the parts would bond together safely. Then I painted the mask, and finally varnished it.

From inspiration and concept, to final varnish and display, these artistic fan expressions are a true act of appreciation, and we are forever grateful and enthralled to see these pieces pop up around the world. Click here to see more of Nick’s work.

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