#FanFriday: Victoria Salas Builds Custom Underworld Crown

#FanFriday honors Court of the Dead fans across the Mortal Realm, but this week features a mourner straight from Sideshow’s own Underworld: Victoria Salas!

Victoria is Sideshow’s Warehouse Supervisor, and being a fan of Court of the Dead, she occasionally creates one-of-a-kind accessories to wear to San Diego Comic-Con when she works the Court of the Dead booth.

Read on for an interview with Victoria, and a behind-the-scenes look at her amazing and unique creations!

How long have you been making custom Court of the Dead accessories for SDCC?

Starting actually just the last 2 years since working specifically with Court of the Dead.

Why did you start making accessories for SDCC?

I was inspired by the art of Court of the Dead and the characters, and I wanted to create an ode to them.

What is this crown made out of?

A combination of Super Sculpey, epoxy and raw materials (torn up tiara as a base, chains, etc.).

How long did it take you to make it? 

This crown took 3 weeks.

Will you continue to create custom Court of the Dead creations?

Oh yeah, I get a great response to the crowns, and I’ve learned from wearing them at the convention new things to add so that the longevity of the wear is more comfortable.

Do you cosplay? And if you do, did your skills transfer over to this project?

Yes, I have done Gamora and Prince. Gamora definitely helped pave the way, as I had to learn how to make her collar.

Which one of your projects is your favorite so far? 

I really enjoyed them all but I think this last crown was my favorite as I did a little more experimenting with different materials and textures.

When do you start planning custom projects like this?

I like to think I start getting ideas months in advance but I think my best ideas come weeks before when I get into a crunch. I believe the pressure sustains me.

Creativity flows through the halls at Sideshow! We hope you have enjoyed an inside look at Victoria’s unique and alluring work.

Whether it’s music, art, or creating intricate pieces like these crowns, we love to see them all! If you have something you’d like to submit to #FanFriday on the Court of the Dead blog, email us at CotDSocial@Sideshow.com.

Until next time, have a deadly day!