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Cosplay Q&A Featuring: Rachel Day & Kelton FX (Part 2)

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Rachel, How did if feel to (literally) embody the character of Kier?

Trevor Toma Photography

Rachel: It was powerful! Walking through the desert, covered in fake blood with a giant sword slung over my shoulder. How could you not feel like a complete badass? This character was so easy for me to get in to. Every snarl and death stare came natural when the look was complete. Confidence embodied!

What was the shoot like and how did the location inform the photography?

Rachel: After reading through Kier’s comic we decided that Joshua Tree National Forest in California was the perfect spot for this shoot. It has this desolate desert otherworldly feel to it and the rock formations create these dramatic backdrops. The location in specific we finally chose was called the ‘Hall of Horrors’ which was just too perfect. It’s called that because of the way the wind whips through the narrow rock formations and howls. So eerie, so perfect.

Kelton: The shoot was really great. Joshua Tree provided many interesting locations for us to work with and the dry barren landscape worked very well with the character. We shot in a crevasse with Trevor Toma and Cassie Fuertez and it was nice and cool because of the wind drafts coming through. Rachel was a little cold though.

Trevor Toma Kier Photo

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome with this project?

Rachel: Time. We planned to do this project in late December but our schedules kept getting out of alignment. When we finally decided on a date that worked for everyone it was three months later. In hindsight, I think the extra time gave us a chance to put more care and detail into the project.

Kelton: For me, the biggest obstacle was doing justice to the beautiful sculpting work that Mark Newman, Andy Bergholtz, Earl Ellis and Jeff Yagher did. I think overall it looked great and my mask and makeup with Rachel’s costume looked very cohesive.

How have you grown, and what have you learned after doing this project?

Kelton: I think I’ve definitely learned new things making this project. I used materials that I’m familiar with but I learned to make better molds and improve on my sculpting. I’m so used to doing full costumes/makeups so it was nice to be able to put all my effort into just the mask and makeup and leave the costume fabrication to Rachel.

Rachel: This project has pushed my artistic skill and forced me to try new things more than any project I can think of to date. This is the first time I added sculpted details to a piece. There was some trial and error in getting the pieces to stick to the armor but I think it was worth the effort in the end. This was also the first time I made fit-to-body armor. Having a tape cast of my exact torso was incredibly useful in making the breastplate come together.

Do you plan on showing Kier off again in the future?

Rachel: I would love to bring her to San Diego Comic Con! If Kelton and I can make that happen I think it would be a great showcase for our hard work.

Where can people find your work online?

Rachel Day: and @reilena on Instagram.

KeltonFX: and @keltonfx on Instagram, as well as @keltoncos on Twitter.