La Cofradia Cosplay Group summons Court of the Dead

“There are those who walk the mortal plane fearing what is beyond their life… and then there are some who were destined to fully succumb to the Underworld.”

It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and in our case the sentiment could not be more true than when it comes to these outstanding cosplayers from the La Cofradia Cosplay & Art Group.

Translated as “The Brotherhood,”  La Cofradia recently came together to develop their latest elaborate group cosplay for SOFA (Salón del Ocio y la Fantasía), a convention that celebrates Fantasy and Alternative cultures in Bogota, Colombia.

Desperately seeking to tackle a supernatural fantasy property that no one had ever attempted before, the group chose to take on an immense endeavor by selecting Sideshow’s Court of the Dead as their theme. Fabricating costumes inspired by a number of the Court’s Underworld inhabitants – including Death, Kier, Cleopsis, Demithyle, Mortighull, and Gethsemoni, the Queen of the Dead – the group poured hours of intense dedication into their creations, and the results of their efforts could not be more impressive.

Enchanted by the real-life Court players, throughout the convention countless visitors and intrigued mortals stopped for photo opportunities. We are proud to say La Cofradia plan to further expand their Court with more characters, including Xiall, Oglavaeil and Shieve.

Please enjoy these photos of La Cofradia as the Court of the Dead.