Mourners Amass: Collector Eric Lewis

Esteemed mourner Eric Lewis has been scouring the Mortal Realm to amass an impressive Court of the Dead collection, from Fine Art Prints and Premium Format Figures to books, pins, coins, and stickers. Lewis has truly left no crypt unturned in his search for Underworld artifacts — his Court of the Dead collection also includes one-of-a-kind original artworks.

It is our honor and pleasure to celebrate Eric Lewis and his incredible Court of the Dead collection. Read on to learn what rare and precious items this passionate mourner has hidden in his vaults…


Eric Lewis


Fort Walton Beach, Florida

How and when did you start collecting? 

Technically, right when Star Wars: A New Hope came out, I started collecting. Had a ton of those figures and soon after, GI Joe and the Transformers came out, and I was collecting those. But I was a kid then, so when I truly started collecting, like adult obsession collecting, was when Venom came out in his own series in the early nineties. Then the Star Wars prequels were released and my obsession with Star Wars was back with a fury, especially Darth Maul. My fascination with lightsabers soon followed and I may now have one of the largest saber collections, if not the largest in the world. But [it can’t] hold a candle to my love and passion for the Court of the Dead.

How did you discover the COTD and when did you start collecting the COTD?

Funnily enough, I actually know the exact date I started collecting the Court of the Dead… literally, August 26, 2018. Gallevarbe (Death’s Siren) had popped up in one of my searches for Venom statues and she caught my attention. My fascination grew and a little research later, there was Oglavaeil (Death’s Executioner), along with Skratch. Mourners Call had just had a successful kickstarter campaign and I saw it available, so that along with Gallevarbe, Oglavaeil and Skratch, were my first COTD purchases on August 26, 2018 and I haven’t slowed down since. Gallevarbe was the first to arrive and she was the start of my COTD room and is still literally the center piece of it.

What drew you to the Court of the Dead collectibles?

First and foremost, they are amazing works of art, but the fact that it’s a fantasy property on the dark side of things, made it that much more attractive. As a kid, my art work was always dinosaurs, dragons, demons, skulls, etc. I grew up playing D&D, my choice in music was metal, and I always fancied Sith Lords over Jedi, so once I got ahold of the Omnibus and the Chronicles of the Underworld, WOW, if I hadn’t already gotten hooked, the Underworld had now grabbed me by the jewels and hasn’t let go.

How do you display your collection?

I have a COTD room. I was in the process of remodeling my den when I discovered the COTD and decided to base the design of the room around Gallevarbe and the Underworld. The walls in the room are wood paneled and I stained them a rich color to match the wood floors to give the room a dark feel and atmosphere. I then designed and built nine black pedestals to display statues on and added a black electric, light up couch. Art prints and original paintings adorn the walls; along the shelves on either side of the built in entertainment center are statues and busts. In between the couch and build-in is a black dragon coffee table with the graphite edition Oglavaeil bust along with all of the COTD literature and poster book, all on top of a COTD game play mat of Illverness. The whole room lives and breathes the Underworld.

What is your favorite or most prized pieces in your Court of the Dead collection?

That’s a hard question, I can’t pick just one. I know it’s cliche, but they are all special to me in their own way. But if I had to choose, it’d be a toss up between Gallevarbe and Oglavaeil, statue wise; ultimately though, I think the original paintings that I have acquired might be my most prized pieces. The statues led me to the books, the books led me to the art prints, and from there, to the original paintings. I have always appreciated art work, but the variety of artists and styles assembled to put their touch and flare on this property, is unreal and totally incredible. I feel very fortunate to be able call myself a Mourner and a part of the COTD family.

What is your faction?

Spirit baby!!! Even before taking the quiz, I knew I’d be Spirit Faction. But I can truly identify with all of the factions and prefer to think of myself as Underworld United!

What items are on your wishlist?

That’s easy… Ellianastis!!! In my opinion, she is a must (PLEASE 🙏🙏🙏). But, Shieve, Odium, and all of the other amazing items that we have caught a glimpse of, are all on my wish list. But without a doubt, Ellianastis is #1 on my wishlist (more books too).

Have you read the Chronicles of the Underworld or any of the COTD graphic novels? Do you have a favorite story?

Yes, two or three times, along with the Omnibus and Shadows of the Underworld. I love the entire Chronicle for the sheer history in it and the way I can immerse myself into the Underworld. The Omnibus gives so much backstory and an understanding of some of major players in the Court. And then the story behind Shadows of the Underworld is absolutely incredible. So we have another one where I can’t pick a favorite… they are all amazing! I just look forward to MORE!!!

If you could visit the Underworld, where would you go/who would you visit/what would you do?

That’s easy… The Dirth Forge and Death, Hushhyde and Malavestros. A trip to the Higst Athenaeum and Curio Cryptus. And finally, a little hike through the Wallows. I’ve always loved taking risks. No risks, no rewards.

Thanks so much for sharing your incredible collection with us, Eric!

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