Court of the Dead named in ‘Top 10 Creepy Awesome Things’ at Burbank’s ‘Son of Monsterpalooza’

See what Liz from had to say about the Court of the Dead, after visiting our booth at Burbank’s most famous horror convention, Son of Monsterpalooza!

Written by Liz Ohanesian

You know Sideshow Collectibles for their gorgeous statues of beloved pop-culture characters. (My personal favorite is the Brock Samson figure that turned up at San Diego Comic-Con a few years ago.) Did you know, though, that Sideshow Collectibles also has their own line of characters? It is called Court of the Dead and the figures were on display at Son of Monsterpalooza last weekend. There is a back story, told comic-book style, and a large cast of characters who are slowly hitting the market. Right now, there are pre-orders going on for Gethsemoni, the Queen of the Dead, who wears a skeleton-hand bra top and lots of big jewelry. “She was the first character in the Court of the Dead,” says David Igo of Sideshow Collectibles, explaining that Death himself bestowed great powers upon her. “He might have given her too much power. She’s kind of a wild card.” Also up for pre-sale is Gallevarbe, Death’s Siren. She is a mermaid and an assassin. A Grim Reaper figure has already sold out and Sideshow Collectibles plans to release a new piece every two months.

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