Poise. Elegance. Power. Behind the Scenes of Making Xiall: The Resolve of Bone Legendary Scale Bust

“There is only one truth, only one path that will ensure our future: the path of Bone.”          

Xiall, Bone Faction Leader and Master Osteomancer

Many of us have pledged our loyalty to the unyielding vision of the Great Osteomancer. Xiall is the highest administrative authority of the Underworld. She leads the Bone Faction with absolute precision. She is a calculating force of osteomancy and pure power; a force to be reckoned with.

Death created Xiall to be to be the voice of logic and reason. Despite being one of his original twelve creations, she was given no title at birth. From this, the Great Osteomancer carved her own path, and along with her brother Tsingvath, founded the philosophy of Bone. Xiall continues to surpass all obstacles in her way; her dedication knows no bounds.

Xiall: The Resolve of Bone Legendary Scale™ Bust was expertly designed and intricately sculpted by Amilcar Fong. To bring another dimension of (after)life to this piece, Casey Love applied a masterful paint scheme to Amilcar’s gorgeous sculpt. We caught up with Casey and Amilcar for some insight on the creation of this breathtaking manifestation of Xiall.

 Xiall: The Resolve of Bone Legendary Scale Bust

What elements of Xiall’s design you were able to evolve and change for this bust?

“Essentially, I was trying to evoke beauty, respect, pride. I was thinking about and referencing the very famous bust of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, and also the attitude of the very famous Mexican actress Maria Felix. I wanted to simplify the overall shape and silhouette. The neck bones had to transmit the sense of movement and gear, as well as elegance. The metal plates on the head were simplified and redesigned so they support and surround the face, and give the sense of expansion of her personality and her purpose of existence. I also wanted to emphasize the alien/otherworldly look of her elongated skull.”
– Amilcar Fong, Designer, Artist & Sculptor

Did you reference any specific cultures, or even architectural elements, when designing the plates and ornaments of her headpiece?

“Egyptian for sure. Also the Moche culture from ancient Peru.”
– Amilcar Fong, Designer, Artist & Sculptor

The spikes adorning her shoulders and chest aren’t typical of the human skeleton. Why has Xiall added these to her body?

“I actually made those thinking of them as teeth. In that way, she would be using an adornment that is creepy and menacing, but in a very flamboyant way.”

– Amilcar Fong, Designer, Artist & Sculptor

What medium did you use to sculpt her?

“Xiall was sculpted traditionally out of an Argentinian version of the American apoxie Aves.”
– Amilcar Fong, Designer, Artist & Sculptor

Which was your favorite element of this piece to sculpt?

“The face. It was challenging.”
– Amilcar Fong, Designer, Artist & Sculptor

What were some unique challenges you faced while sculpting this particular design, especially at this scale?

“Well, the most difficult thing to achieve was to sculpt her in a way that gave a sense of feminine beauty. Also, this was the first time I sculpted a female face. It was hard, considering I couldn’t play with typical feminine attributes, as she is basically a skull.”
– Amilcar Fong, Designer, Artist & Sculptor

How many references of bone do you use for a piece like this? What other influences went into painting this piece?

“Reference of real bone elements is always a handy tool, and I recall using several images I found online. I tend to look for stuff that doesn’t exactly look natural or has some color element you wouldn’t normally find when thinking of bone. On top of that, I had pushed some gray-bluish shading tones to help bring her closer to the Underworld theme. I also referenced the 1/4 scale Xiall collectible, as we had already established such a strong look for her and we didn’t want to go too far out of that realm. For areas like the metal plates, I looked heavily for reference of aged metals as well as metal paint tones that had an inspiring look to them. I oftentimes just look at colors that inspire me, and I can visualize how they can be layered to work together. This usually leads to the best result.”
– Casey Love, Painter

How do you decide on what techniques to use? And what are some of the techniques used on this piece?

“Technique depends on the sculpture, but for the most part on Court pieces, we like to take a painterly approach to draw out the dynamics and a strong sense of design. We like to keep in mind these characters have some essence of fantastic power within them. I tend to use all sorts of techniques. From sponges to airbrush, to traditional brushwork, to dry brushing, to wet brushing, glazes, washes – almost everything in the magic bag of techniques can be used on a Court piece. ”
– Casey Love, Painter

About how many hours did it take to finish this Xiall bust?

“Time is always a tough question to answer. I usually loose track of how much time I put into a paint job, but I think these two prototypes were painted within 1- 2 weeks, or even less.”
– Casey Love, Painter

We see you’re wearing some headphones while painting Xiall! What was your soundtrack for painting her?

“Most likely I was listening to Slayer, Judas Priest, Testament or Exodus…lol! Evil stuff, you know!”
– Casey Love, Painter

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