Postmortem: Court of the Dead at Gen Con 2018

It’s all fun and games here in the Mortal Realm…

Celebrating its 51st year, Gen Con is one of the oldest and largest gaming conventions in America. Spread out between the Indiana Convention Center and the Lucas Oil Stadium (24-hour gaming anyone?), Gen Con features tabletop games, party games, miniatures, trading card games, RPGs, artists, cosplayers, and plenty of vendors to satisfy all your gaming needs.

Tom, Anna, and Erik descended upon Gen Con to support Project Raygun with Court of the Dead: Mourners Call, talk on panels, and research where the Underworld may rise up next…

The “Artist Alley” at Gen Con was filled with inventive and innovative artwork. We delved deep into the alley and scoured among the mortals to find skilled artists, original pieces, and worthy prints. Tom particularly fell in love with this original piece made by Milivoj Ćeran MCeran Art.

The Court Team had the honor of running into some awesome fans, too.

The latest and greatest Court of the Dead: Mourners Call board game prototype was available to play at Project Raygun’s booth #137. The sign-up list to play filled within the first twenty minutes every day. Sharing the game with fans has been sheer delight, and we are so excited for it to ship at the end of the year!

Rise, Conquer… Game on!!