Project Raygun Releases Court of the Dead: Mourners Call Game Trailer

Mourners, heed these words! USAopoly, Inc. has announced an upcoming Kickstarter campaign by its Project Raygun division to release Court of the Dead: Mourners Call, a new fantasy-themed tabletop game!

For souls vying to see the game in all its glory, Project Raygun has released an official trailer:

Can you achieve balance in the Underworld without succumbing to the Dreadsgrip or alerting the Celestials to the Alltaker’s grand rebellion? There is but one way to find out!

If you would like to see what’s in the box or read the rulebook, visit Project Raygun’s Mourners Call website, where you can also sign up to be notified of the latest news.

The Court of the Dead: Mourners Call Kickstarter launches on April 24th.