Spooktacular 2019: Clues of the Dead!

Greetings and Salutations, Dear Mouners! Spooktacular 2019 is upon us at last. Laurels, trophies, and honors are in store for those champions amongst you who are valiant enough to stave off the sweet temptations of sleep.

This holiday season, our dear Inspector Clattershanks, Esquire — Hapless Scrutineer of the Hereafter — brings to us a mystery of the most bewildering fashion. I beseech you, mourners, join our official Facebook Group and help him to solve this enigma that is so riddled in secrecy.

At the end, a prize is in store — for one of you! Your spectacular sleuthing skills could lead you towards possession of the Gethsemoni: Shaper of Flesh Premium Format Figure!

“A soulborn mourner has been sent on the longtryp!

Oh dear, it seems I am getting ahead of myself…

My name is Clattershanks, Esquire. I am an inspector — an investigator — as you can clearly tell by my felt chapeau and fine posture. If a mystery exists that I cannot solve, it must not be a mystery at all! Which is to say, of course, that there is not a mystery in the Underworld that can’t be solved by the likes of me.

Which brings me to my next point: I require an assistant! A sleuth of extraordinary talent.

It was discovered today that a mourner, of soulborn origination, was sent on the longtryp by an unidentified assailant. The unjust culprit, the inequitable fiend, is out there… somewhere.

The precise location of this transgression remains presently uncharted… yet, of one fact, we are positive! The illicit crime most certainly occurred somewhere inside the gates of Illverness.

(Don’t be too astonished by my detective dexterity – with practice, you too can become just as deft as I!)

The Alltaker himself has tasked me with the responsibility of uncovering this foul miscreant! A task of the utmost importance, a task which only the most superior of inspectors could accomplish. YOU, dearies, have the distinctive pleasure of assisting this here superior inspector with identifying that very miscreant. Let us begin.

‘Twas recently ago (or perhaps before that… I’m never quite sure), as I was meandering through the halls of the Higst Athenaeum, ruminating on the task at hand, a rather curious, piercing scream rang through the foyer.

As any ingenious investigator ought to know, one mustn’t scream in a library.

Instantaneously – INSTANTANEOUSLY, I say – it became clear to me that something nefarious was afoot!

I ran through the aisles, knowing speed to be an essential factor of any inspector’s position, hoping to ensnare the heathen.

As I turned a corner, my feet inexplicably escaped from my body, plunging into two rows of bookshelves and sending the baffling contraptions into one another. Papers flew all around me in a massive upheaval. The shelves collided, forming a natural tunnel. I crawled through the darkened path, emerging at the Higst Athenaeum’s exit.

A horrorstruck witness stood adjacent to my route, an ethereal-ridden saber banged against the dusty ground as though recently thrown to the floor, and an accumulation of dust swirled through the air, muddying my line of sight.

From where did this scream emerge? To whom does this unfathomable Saber of Sorrow belong? Is the infamous slaughterer, he who sent our missing mourner on the longtryp, at all connected to these latest events? Ah, the murky world of espionage – it’s not for everyone, you know! Clues… clues, hidden everywhere.

Mourners, are you meitscythe enough to assist me in these perilous and precarious investigations? I intend to hunt down the malefactor! For those of you valiant enough to assist, there are treasures in store! The Underworld rewards the dauntless, you know. I believe a statue would serve as due payment, eh? How’s about… Gethsemoni: Shaper of Flesh? Yes… that ought to do it.

Lucky for you, I am truly a consummate inspector, and I’ve already narrowed down the possibilities! I have found 7 possible guilty mourners, 7 feasible errant weapons, and 7 viable perverse locations. Once we’ve pieced together all of the clues, we shall bring our findings to the Alltaker, whose final judgement shall be made.

If you wish to assist in tying all of our clues together… join me in the Rise, Conquer, RULE Facebook Group, where all further evidence shall be evaluated!

I shall begin by questioning the clearly traumatized witness! Onward!”

Spooktacular 2019 – Clues of the Dead Rules and Regulations:

  1. To help Inspector Clattershanks’ solve this mystery, you’ll need to join our official Facebook group – Rise, Conquer, RULE!
  2. Clattershanks will release clues related to this mystery throughout each day of Spooktacular, October 24 – October 31. Clues can come at any time of the day or night!
  3. Mourners are attempting to solve 3 elements of this mystery: who is the culprit, where did the incident occur, and with what weapon?
  4. Each day, every participating mourner will be allowed to make ONE guess. Guesses MUST consist of all 3 elements: a culprit, a location, and a weapon. Guesses will be made via direct message to the Facebook group moderators.
  5. Moderators will respond to every guess by verifying that ONE of the 3 elements proposed is incorrect. In order for a guess to be considered complete, it must contain all 3 elements. It is up to the Facebook moderator’s discretion entirely to inform the mourner which element of his/her complete guess is wrong.
  6. Keep track of your clues and facts throughout Spooktacular and begin to narrow down what the correct answers are! Should you choose to work with your fellow mourners to find the answers, know that while this is not against the rules, it is discouraged — for only ONE can WIN!
  7. The final clue will come by 11:59 PM PST on October 30.
  8. On October 31,  mourners will be able to make TWO final guesses to their Facebook Moderator.
  9. Should you correctly guess all three elements of the mystery, you will be entered into a pool to WIN the Gethsemoni: Shaper of Flesh Premium Format Statue! ONE winner will be randomly selected from the pool of correct guessers.
  10. The shocking conclusion to Inspector Clattershanks’ Clues of the Dead will arrive on November 1! Are you brave enough to Rise, Conquer, and RULE the game of Clues?