The Alltaker’s Appeal

All Hallow’s Eve… Halloween… The Day of the Dead… With its dark adornments – the glowing jack-o’-lanterns, lacy cobwebs and sticky sweets – the mortal celebration of the afterlife is charming. I beseech my mourners: Gift another mortal with a jejune delight in fear that is worth preserving and savoring, before they must learn the truth of the hereafter. Create a spooktacular mortal memory that will outlive costumes, candy, candles …and innocence.

~ Death, The Alltaker

Greetings, dear mourners! Welcome to Spooktacular 2018, the wickedly seductive time of year that’s filled with hair-raising new product announcements, blood-curdling discount codes, devilish contests and supernatural prizes. Fortunately for you auspicious souls, the Alltaker has taken note of your bewitching holiday season and decided to partake in the action.

In the Underworld, memories are the equivalent of your mortal notion of currency. They’re worth something, if you’ve got a good one. What #MournerMemory would you create for your fellow soulborn? Carve a pumpkin for a neighbor, bring a Fall bouquet to a lover, surprise your friends with oodles of candy…You’ve been called to pay a moment forward, and enter for a chance to WIN! While several runners-up will be chosen for their own esteemed awards, the fortuitous champion who most successfully fulfills Death’s appeal will win a prize worth all the grave tender in the Underworld: Xiall The Resolve of Bone Legendary Scale Bust.

What would you do, dear mourners, to create a memory for someone else in the name of the Alltaker, for the Spooktacular prize of the season and the glory of being Death’s chosen mortal?

How to Play:

Starting this Wednesday, October 24th,  We’ll be paying extra close attention to the mortal realm, watching to see who has what it takes to fulfill The Alltaker’s Appeal. If you want to join Death’s Spooktacular 2018 army, be sure to follow us on all social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use the hashtag #MournerMemory and write your idea in the comments to let us know how YOU would create a memory for someone else. Pay a Moment Forward and enter for a chance to WIN the Xiall The Resolve of Bone Legendary Scale Bust.

Submit your ideas no later than Thursday, October 25 at midnight 12:00 AM PST. We’ll pick the most inventive mourners and let you know if you’ve been chosen on Friday, October 26. You’ll have the weekend, from Friday, October 26 through Monday, October 29 at 9:00 AM PST, to film a video of yourself creating your #MournerMemory and email your submission to Your videos will be shown and the winner will be announced on Wednesday, October 31 at 9:30 AM PST during the Court of the Dead liveshow, found on the Sideshow Collectibles Facebook page. Contest rules and regulations can be found here.

Remember, mourners: Death watches all of us, living and dead. We are each a part of his domain… Prove your worth. Accomplish The Alltaker’s Appeal: Pay a Moment Forward and enter for a chance to WIN!