The Court Calls You to Action

Fellow Mourners, hear our plea!

It is time to Rise! Rise and expand the ranks of the Court of the Dead. Within the vast wastes of Facebook lies an asset that yearns to be utilized and we need your help to swell its ranks. With so much happening within the Court between now and the end of the year, we figured that through beguiling machinations (amazing giveaways), devious subterfuge (asking for your help), and outright bribery (did we mention the giveaways?) we can spread the word far and wide.

10k Likes Graphic

Here’s how you can help: We want to hit 10k followers on the Court of the Dead Facebook page.
Why? You’ll know soon enough!

If we hit that number by October 3, 2016 then the prizes shall flow. What kind of prizes? Perhaps the most intriguing is a rare piece of Court royalty that is unavailable anywhere else. We’ve cracked open the vault and you won’t want to miss it.

Aside from that kingly (see what we did there?) piece there will also be other amazing Court of the Dead related prizes such as signed editions of The Chronicles of the Underworld and more!

Your Court calls for your aide. So, mourner…shall you answer?

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