The Definitive Post-Mortem of Court of the Dead at SDCC 2018

Another epic San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone. This year, the Court of the Dead held more events and activities at SDCC than you could fit on a tombstone, and our team is ready to rest in pieces. But we can’t lay SDCC 2018 to rest just yet.

If you are battling a case of FOMO (as the Millennial mortals call it these days), or simply want to relive the highlights, this post-mortem captures all the glory of SDCC 2018 without having to meet the Alltaker in person.

Scavenger Hunts & Mourners Call Tabletop Gaming Experience

Our scavenger hunts have become a regular event that mourners looks forward to, so this year we wanted to level up the experience. Fans came by booth #1929 to pick up a Journey Through Illverness Quest Card, and embarked on a journey to our three partners elsewhere on the show floor: Insight EditionsBadali Jewelry, and Han Cholo. Upon receiving Kier stamps on the card at each booth, the determined mourners would then return to the Court of the Dead display to exchange to claim their exclusive SDCC 2018 Kier enamel pin… and a special Quest 2 card!

Once mourners completed the first quest, they followed instructions on the Quest 2 card for a chance to win the grand prize: a chance to play the currently unreleased Mourners Call game with Court of the Dead creator Tom Gilliland and Mourners Call game designer Pat Marino. Winners also received a goody bag with over $400 worth of Court of the Dead merchandise. The grand prize winners were selected live at the Court of the Dead display at Booth #1929. While only three grand prize winners were drawn and whisked away to the Underworld, everyone who showed up received a special participation prize.

Watch the Facebook Live drawing of the Mourners Call Tabletop Gaming Experience grand prize winners and swag giveaway!

Rock Star Signings

SDCC is a unique chance to meet your favorite creators and get something signed, and mourners were afforded multiple opportunities to meet Tom Gilliland, CCO of Sideshow and creator of Court of the Dead. We also had livestreams during the signings to give away exclusive 2018 SDCC Kier enamel pins to fans who could not be at the show.

Nuclear Blast Testament Concert Poster Signing

Tom’s first signing what at Nuclear Blast (booth #501), where he signed the free Testament show poster for that evening’s concert. Miss Chrissy Lynn also stopped by as Queen Gethsemoni to meet fans, pose for photos, and draw the lucky pin winner.

Insight Editions’ Court of the Dead Library Signing

Next up, Tom signed any book from the Court of the Dead library at our publisher Insight Editions’ booth #3721. Mourners had a lot to choose from! Insight Editions publishes everything from The Chronicle of the Underworld to the Grave Tales Omnibus, to the Deluxe Hardcover Sketchbook and Deluxe Hardcover Journal. Fans could buy copies on the spot, or bring their own copies for Tom to sign.

Gallevarbe “Eviscerator” Premium Art Print AP Signing

Tom Gilliland, artist Olivia De Bernardini, and model Sherri Wheatley signed an extremely limited Artist Proof edition of the Gallevarbe “Eviscerator” Premium Art Print at Tweeterhead’s booth #5550. Sherri Wheatley, the model for Gallevarbe, also picked a winner of a pin on our livestream.

Visiting Alex Horley and Stacey Walker To Talk Mourners Call and Shadows of the Underworld Original Paintings

Alex Horley is a world-renowned artist that we have the pleasure of working and collaborating with on several Court of the Dead projects. This year we wanted to highlight the work he did for the Court of the Dead: Mourners Call board game and the newly announced Court of the Dead: Shadows of the Underworld graphic novel. Professional model and actress Stacey Walker also talked with us on the livestream.

Rise! Conquer! Rock! Court of the Dead Presents the Nuclear Blast Comic-Con After Party

Court of the Dead and Nuclear Blast presented the Nuclear Blast Comic-Con after party, a rock show worthy of the Alltaker himself.  Both Testament and Carnifex performed at the House of Blues in San Diego, CA.

Gethsemoni in the Flesh

Queen Gethsemoni, Shaper of Flesh, leader of the Flesh Faction, and Queen of the Underworld, is one of the core characters of the Court of the Dead. Adored by many, Miss Chrissy Lynn reprised her role as the queen in a hand-crafted new gown. Follow Chrissy on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Twitch!

Product Reveals

Finally, we come to some of the most anticipated reasons that the attendees wander the Comic-Con floor; product reveals!

Kier: Bane of Heaven Life-Size Mask Replica

Born broken and flawed, Kier was cast out of Heaven and left to die. But Death found her, took her in, and nurtured her back to health, giving this warrior a second chance at life. Now, fueled by fury and with a demand for vengeance, Kier fights in Death’s army as First Sword of the Underworld. Now, you can take a piece of Kier’s fury home with you. Previewing for the first time is the Kier: Bane of Heaven Life-Size Mask Replica

Pillars of Rebellion Premium Art Print

The Pillars of Rebellion Premium Art Print is a high-end reproduction of the brand-new 2018 San Diego Comic-Con banner, which hangs more than 20 feet tall behind the environmental Underworld display featuring our Court of the Dead collection. It is limited to an edition size of only 100 pieces, making this fine art print a must-have for any dedicated mourner! The Pillars of Rebellion was digitally painted by Sideshow Artist and Court of the Dead Designer Ian MacDonald. Any corrupt angel, demon, or dreadsgripped raker would shiver in terror at the sight of this powerful league of Underworld heroes! Click here to purchase Pillars of Rebellion.

Shadows of the Underworld Original Graphic Novel

Discover a new story from the Court of the Dead in the upcoming Shadows of the Underworld Original Graphic Novel! This books will feature favorite characters such as Gethsemoni, Kier, Xiall and more! Gorgeously illustrated by Ivan Koritarev, with dynamic cover art by Alex Horley, this hardcover book has 100+ pages of a brand new story. Court of the Dead: Shadows of the Underworld was previewed at SDCC booth #1929. Click here to RSVP for pre-order notifications!

Queen’s Crown Life-Size Replica

A surprise reveal on the show floor was the new Queen’s Crown Life-Size Replica. Pay homage to the esteemed leader of the Flesh Faction with this elegant and grotesque crown. Click here to RSVP for pre-order alerts for the Queen’s Crown.

New $89 Court of the Dead Figures

The Prestige Statuette Collection was designed and developed in partnership with renowned design studio PUREARTS. These figures set a new standard for smaller-scale collectibles! Enjoy all the ornate sculpted details and intricate painting style of a Premium Format statue in a PVC figure that stands at a range of 10-13″ tall. All three figures of the first wave are available for pre-order now.

Pre-Order Kier: Valkyrie’s Revenge Figure

Pre-Order Xiall: Osteomancer’s Vision Figure

Pre-Order Gethsemoni: The Queen’s Conjuring Figure


The time has come to close the coffin lid on SDCC 2018. Thank you for joining us on this official SDCC Court of the Dead recap. Time to start planning next year!