The Legendary Reaper Returns

Before he even had a name, Demithyle became our first champion of the Underworld. Launching the Court of the Dead statue collection in 2011, Tom Gilliland and the Sideshow creative team were thrilled to unveil The Reaper: Death’s General Legendary Scale Figure at San Diego Comic-Con. A breathtaking vision of Death’s most loyal soldier, this groundbreaking statue was an instant fan-favorite.

Released as a limited edition Sideshow Exclusive with only 300 pieces available, the Reaper General sold out in record time, and soon became a highly sought-after grail collectible. Now, as we continue to explore the cast of characters that make up the Court, we have decided it is time to revisit this distinguished mentor and leader of Death’s army, so that all fans might have a chance to own the legend that is Demithyle.

Inspired by the coveted Exclusive, we have taken a fresh perspective on the standard edition of the Demithyle Reaper General Legendary Scale Figure, which firmly entrenches the character in the rich mythos of the Court of the Dead.


Reserving the unique swap-out portrait and weapon options for the original Exclusive, the new edition comes with streamlined essentials, as well as a magnificent new base which celebrates the loyal General’s allegiance to the Bone Faction, and a few extra touches to his intricately designed armor and costume that pay homage to his epic battles. With this quintessential representation of the beloved Court character, we hope to capture your imagination all over again.

The standard edition of the Demithyle Reaper General Legendary Scale Figure will be available for pre-order soon. Sign up for updates now, so you won’t miss out on this fantastic new release!