Underworld Rising Update

Before we can Conquer and Rule, we must Rise.

We recently partnered with our licensee, Arcade Distillery, to launch a Kickstarter to fund Underworld Rising, a video game set in the world of The Court of the Dead.  However, as of October 18, we have made the mutual decision to end the campaign early.

Understand that this decision did not come lightly and it is you, our faithful mourners, of whom we are always thinking. We have learned a lot about what Court of the Dead fans are looking for in a game experience, and what would attract new gamers to our Underworld. We are going to take the time to step back, reflect, and retool our strategy for the future.

Our ambitions to create a Court of the Dead game remain undefeated. The experience that Underworld Rising was aiming at is something we believe is valid, and in the Sideshow tradition of “who dares, wins.”

We enjoy taking risks and tackling new challenges, and Underworld Rising is one we remain committed to solving.

Thank you for your constant support. We look forward to exploring the Underworld with you through books, entertainment, comics and games in the future.

Rise, Conquer, Rule!